Obesity and Homeopathy

Joe De Livera in Sri Lanka accidently discovered that Natrium Phosphoricum is very effective in obesitey. Many people haver reported that it is indeed effective in losing weight permanently.

In the same thread we have mentioned how to make Natrium Phosphoricum at home, almost for free.


Natrum Phosphoricum
Phospho-soda (or any brand name containing Sodium Phosphate) is available as non prescription on all pharmacies for just $3 or 4 You can use the one available at Wal-Mart stores.
Add about 1 drops of it in the 1 liter of Mineral water and Naturm Phos (approximately) 6X or 3C is ready. Use two liter empty soda bottle, half filled and add a drop of Phospho Soda. Shake it vigorously and also bang the bottle on some soft surface for about twenty times. Do not take more then 3 drops. Best results are seen if taken half hour after the food. Many people have reported permanent weight loss.