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Started by: Kiran at August 25 2017

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Aerophobia By: Kiran
August 25 2017
What's the best medicine to treat extreme fear of flying , fear of heights.

Re:Aerophobia By: lal_anar
August 25 2017
single dose of Aconite 1M at bed time than wait for a 2 weeks

after 2 weeks take a single dose of Lachesis 1M at bedtime

reply after 2 weeks of taking Lachesis 1M

if remedy in pills take 4-6 pills, liquid 5-10 drops, if pills are very tiny pellets, take a capfull of pellets.

Re:Aerophobia By: 2tuff
August 27 2017
Also look to cell salts; Aurum Mur Nat 12x, Calc Carb 12x, Calc Phos 6x and Kali Phos 6x

Re:Aerophobia By: Kiran
September 3 2017
Thank u for replying Mr Lal Agar.
Can I take Aconite 200C instead of 1M?

Re:Aerophobia By: lal_anar
September 5 2017
in mind level 1M are highly effective

Re:Aerophobia By: Kiran
September 11 2017
Ok thank you.

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