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Autism,2.4 years Old Girl
Started by: zubair1411 at August 20 2017

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Autism,2.4 years Old Girl By: zubair1411
August 20 2017

As my homeopath suggested after completing 2 rouds of TUB and MERC i am about to start 3rd round of MERC with higher potency i.e. 1M . Could you pls share your advice on its safety considering its higher potency.

Re:Autism,2.4 years Old Girl By: zubair1411
September 9 2017
Dear Udaya Sir,

I had continued course as prescribed by Homeopath. I have seen some changes in my daughter like increased eye contact, she is following instructions and she is aware of surroundings. She also started ABA therapy along with Homeopathy so i am not sure if gains are due to ABA or Homeopathy. Now she likes to repeat words,rhymes which she is learning in play school and constantly thinking about something and always on move. So i believe this to be hyperactivity . And now she developed habit of keeping something in hand in particularly of blue color. She will cry if she was denied that blue color thing. Pls note that she is the case of regression after vaccination. Could you pls advice some medcines to treat mentioned issues. I apologies for my not good english and if tone of this message is impolite.

Re:Autism,2.4 years Old Girl By: udaya kumar
September 10 2017
I am sorry I did not see your earlier message... Higher potencies infact are safer and smoother potencies than lower potencies....Many physicians are afraid to giving higher potencies because of the cautions many authors attach to it mostly because of their own apprehensions and fear of the unknown. There are many eminent physicians who work only in higher potencies and there are many who work only in LM potencies which are the highest of the potencies with remarkable results. What your physician had done is to remove the Tuberculous miasm behind the ailment and is trying to detox mercury before he start with other medicines. which would mean he considers vaccine as possible trigger in the condition of your child who was born with the tuberculous predisposition and struggling to be normal when vaccine was administered. It can be both ways, that vaccine contains mercury as preservative or reversely, vaccine caused non assimilation of mercury and its deposit/accumulation in the body as mercury toxin..... It is very safe to use Mercury in higher potency of 1M whereas it is not safe to use Mercury in lower potencies of Q, 1X.2X.3X, because any error in pharmacopoea or excessive repeitions could add to the toxins and possibly cause proving for the very reason Mercury is a toxin in crude form.
You could continue with his prescriptions.


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