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Att.Udaya Kumar help for spleen enlargement and Thyroid problems
Started by: Kashish at August 15 2017

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Att.Udaya Kumar help for spleen enlargement and Thyroid prob By: Kashish
August 15 2017
cted Udaya Kumar help for Thyroid and obeseity problem By: rukh
india maharashtra
August 2 2017
Name Kashish female ,Age 32 married , weight 85, Hight 5.2" Indian Maharashtra
Current complain :-
Insomnia, from last 5 month, pain in right side of abdomen (pain like some pointed thing pinch inside 24 hrs continue pain invidiously) ,edema in both the legs,last 3 month ,joint pain, hair fall and lice, menses come before time when its coming pain in full body, dark in color with clotted , obesity in waist line(46) , constipation
At the time of both child delivery malaria /b.p high (both child szn) second pregnancy time discharge of blood clots and at the time of delivery edema on both the legs and very high B.P .
Irritation, tension about future, money children's,but I am careless not care about children, laziness,
Mind silent behaviors strait forward,friendly nature,counseling, speaker,
no thrust/Tongue normal/no diabetic.
laboratory report last day.
Hemoglobin 11.9,RBC COUNT 4.21,Blood urea 9.3,calcium 8.8, phosphorus 4.1 , Uric Acid 3.86, Bun/creatinine ratio 11.66 , Blood platel distribut 15.9, Platelet volume 7.9,Post lunch Blood Glucose 119, Fasting Blood Glucose 78, Urine pale yellow, pus cells 2-3, Epthellal cells 3-4 ,
Liver function Test
Total billrubin 0.69,Direct billirubin0.42, Indirect bill 0.27,protein total 7.1, Albumin 3.64, Globulin 3.46,Alkelin Phosphate 91, Album/Globulin ratio 1.05.
Thyroid T3 145.25,
Thyroid T4 9.1
TSH 9.84
CT Scan of abdomen report enlargement of spleen size
no medicine taken for that
no family history about serious disease.

Re:Att.Udaya Kumar help for spleen enlargement and Thyroid p By: udaya kumar
August 15 2017
use the following medicines
1. Ferrum Phos 3X three times a day for one week.
2. Hydrastis 30C three times a day for three days.

3. Ceanothus Q five drops in one ounce water three times a day for two weeks.

4. Calcarea Carb 200C one dose a week for three months.


Re:Att.Udaya Kumar help for spleen enlargement and Thyroid p By: 2tuff
August 16 2017
Utilize the following tissue salts prescription with the first line being the most important and in order. Take these tissue salts using two pills three to five times per day to correct your cell mineral dysfunctions causing such ill health. The Spleen enlargement will be aided by Kali Ars whilst the Thyroid can be aided by Kali Iod. All the other symptom patterns are included in this prescription.

AURUM 12x, Calc Fluor 12x, Kali Iod 12x and Mag Phos 6x

Alum 12x, Calc Phos 6x, Ferrum Phos 12x, Kali Ars 6x, Nat Mur 6x, Nat Sulph 6x and Mang Sulph 12x

Calc Carb 12x, Calc Sulf 12x, Calc Sulph 6x, Kali Brom 12x, Kali Dichrom 12x, Kali Mur 6x, Kali Phos 6x, Kali Sulph 6x, Nati Bicarb 12x, Nat Phos 6x, Silica 12x, Zinc Mur 12x

Thyroid can be also be aided by the use of your constitutional remedy (especially calc carbs or Lycopodiums) along with the Thyroidinum sarcode organ remedy in a low C potency below 6c in order to lower the TSH (thyroid stimulating Hormone). As you use this low potency you have your thyroid monitored then when the figure comes into the so-called normality level you then lock it into place by using the regulating 6c potency. As all these issues become addressed then the thyroid will also work better.

Re:Att.Udaya Kumar help for spleen enlargement and Thyroid p By: Kashish
September 7 2017
Sir Thanks for reply

I took Hydrastis 30c three time a day for three day, but sharp pain is continue in stomch, and whenever I take Ferrum phos 3x tablet then after some time i felt suffocation and heaviness on chest and start perspiration, then i stop for time being Ferrum phos 3x , but i continue ceanathus q three time a day,calcarea carb 200c weekly dose.

Re:Att.Udaya Kumar help for spleen enlargement and Thyroid p By: udaya kumar
September 7 2017
You may stop Ferrum Phos and Hydrastis and use instead the following medicines :
1. Iodium 30C three times a day for one day ...report.
2. Lycopodium 30C three times a day for one day. report. (complementary to Iodium)

3. Arnica 30C one single dose. report after three hours.
4. Continue with Ceanothus.

5. Apply Iodium Q Locally in the region of the pain on the body.


Re:Att.Udaya Kumar help for spleen enlargement and Thyroid p By: Kashish
September 21 2017
I took
Iodium 30C three times a day
. Lycopodium 30C three times a day for one day.
Continue with Ceanothus.

Sir pain in stomach is increased,delay in M.C, I Apply Iodium Q inregion of the pain on the stomach but no changes,constipation continue from 5 days.

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