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Started by: manish.chiko at July 17 2017

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Headache By: manish.chiko
July 17 2017
Dr. Udaya,

My wife aged 44 have headache every now and than. Her mother was Migraine patient and Father was Diabetic.

She had a tendency of headache and constipation since 10 to 15 years.

She is short tempered and had two scissorian delivery.

She has only one Overy.

She also had an operation for Hernia.

She also operated for Hysterectomy and removed her Uterus because of big fibroid.

Looking forward for your remedy for permanent solution.


Re:Headache By: udaya kumar
July 17 2017
use Single dose of Nux Vomica 200C followed by three doses of Bryonia 30C for one day.... Constipation with Headache is Bryonia and constipation with headache and with short temper is Nux Vomica. Nux would also remove the ill effects of many medicines she might have had taken in the past in allopathy in relation to the conditions whcih lead to the Five operations. in particular epidurals could cause frequent headaches as long term effect.


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