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2.5 Girl/ ASD
Started by: zubair1411 at July 16 2017

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2.5 Girl/ ASD By: zubair1411
July 16 2017

I have a child with possible Autism as she is lacking socialization and eye contact. I started consulting one Homeopath and he prescribed tub 30C (5 days) and MERC (30C) for 20 15 days. But after starting MERC my child is bit aggressive and throwing tantrums when being denied something which she wants. So is this normal? As per my Doc this is sign of improvement.

Re:2.5 Girl/ ASD By: udaya kumar
July 16 2017
aggravation is considered as sign of improvement by some physicians.....use Thuja 30C and Natrum Mur 30C before Mercurious sol. 30C.


Re:2.5 Girl/ ASD By: zubair1411
July 16 2017
Thanks Mr. Uday for your reply. I will discuss this my Doctor. I am just worried about this aggravation and tantrums at the moment. Will this behavior subside by time and how much is it generally taking to diminish.

Re:2.5 Girl/ ASD By: zubair1411
July 17 2017
Could you pls advice the dosage of Thuja 30C and Nat Mur 30C.

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