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Allergy in Respiratory system / child
Started by: H M at July 16 2017

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Allergy in Respiratory system / child By: H M
July 16 2017
Need help with my 3 years old son; he has strong allergies in his respiratory system in addition to Body irritation & itching, since birth (3 years now)

3 years / Male / Jordanian nationality, lives in UAE; hot & humid most year, all indoors are air conditioned areas.

Sign & symptoms:
1. Respiratory system: Runny nose, nasal blockage, sneezing, canít breathe at night, mucous in chest.
2. Body itching especially elbows, knees, tummy & behind ears,

Health Back ground:
He had strong eczema since birth worst areas are cheeks, elbows, knees, tummy & Back.
By reaching 2 years old; the eczema decreased and allergy progresses to the respiratory system: runny nose, cough with Belghm & mucous discharge, most times would he throw up after long coughing when chest is full with mucous.
Both allergies occur very often that we couldnít tell what triggers it.
Family background (from both sides): sinusitis, asthma, seasonal allergy are in the family.

Allergy from food:
All kinds of nuts, Tahini, some food flavoring like strawberry milk.
Strong allergic reaction to these items starts with itching in the tongue then face & body, when eating nuts and it can develop to a swallowed face and body and difficulty to breathe twice when he had Tahini & strawberry milk.

Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, impatient

Medication taken currently (for more than a year...all taken when needed)
Aerius: one spoon twice a day
Nebulizer: pulmicort + ventolin
Elocom cream & steroid ointments like fucidine...etc for skin allergy

Re:Allergy in Respiratory system / child By: udaya kumar
July 16 2017
The eczema has been suppressed...when eczema or skin ailments are suppressed it effects the brochial and lung region and lead to asthma......use Arsenic Album 200C one dose a day for three days and report changes and when asthma is cured skin eruptions or eczema will resurface.


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