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Uday Sir: Child Problem
Started by: sachincetpa at July 14 2017

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Uday Sir: Child Problem By: sachincetpa
July 14 2017
Respected Sir
11 Year boy not growing well.Eats only two chapati at a time.Loos weight easily.Frequent Bladder region pain.

1. Eat very slowly
2. Wants some liquid with solid food
3. Take small bit of bread
4. Frequent lower abdomen pain
5. Talks slowly
6. Frequent boils with pus formation
7. Some time constipated
8. Some time bed wetting
10. Loosing childhood teeth

Re:Uday Sir: Child Problem By: udaya kumar
July 15 2017
There seems to be a mild celiac problem....
use the Trio Sulphur 30C + Calcarea Carb 30C+ Lycopodium 30C one set of doses and watch for a day or two.


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