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Acute Back Pain & Osteoporosis
Started by: H M at July 13 2017

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Acute Back Pain & Osteoporosis By: H M
July 13 2017
Dear Dr. Udaya,

Acute low & middle back pain for 6 months, muscle spasms, collapsed vertebrae, 4 vertebral compressions, Osteoporosis.

Back ground:
I am a 31 years old Female
Married, a mother of two (3 years & 6 months old)
A working mother (office based work)
Height: 171 cm Weight: 55 kg
Arabic origin, lives in UAE, White skin
Low levels of: hemoglobin, Vitamin D & Vitamin B12 in recent years.
Anemia in early stage of pregnancy, took 10 iron infusions over about 5 months
Iron & Vitamin D level are currently very good.

Acute back pain started two weeks after delivery (knowing that I had a normal delivery, no complications, recovered immediately after delivery and went back to normal daily routine)
Six weeks after delivery pain increased, not able to move from one side of the bed to another, or to get up from bed without assistance, was not able to bend my back the slightest, and finding much difficulty with walking!
Severe stabbing pain in several areas of the back, mostly lower back and the middle back.

Status now:
Now after almost 7 months I am feeling better, but still having pain that wakes me up at night, pain get worse in the mornings or after lying down,

Medication taken currently:
Daily “Forteo hormone injections” for Osteoporosis (the past two months ongoing)
Weekly: Vitamin D .
As needed: Pain killer/anti inflammation (NSAIDs) & muscle relaxants.

Re:Acute Back Pain & Osteoporosis By: shouse_nsk
July 13 2017
Pl take
1. Calc Phos-12x 3 palletws twice a day
2. Rhus Tox-200 6 pills twice a day
3. Symphytum-Q 5 drops twice a day in 2 teaspoon water
PL take this treatment for one week and then give feedback
RP Tamhankar

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