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it kills! gynocomestia
Started by: mayana at July 12 2017

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it kills! gynocomestia By: mayana
July 12 2017
I am a male of 25 years. I have puffy nipples for 10 years. there is no pain or irritation.there is small lump in nipple area. which can not be realized when nipples are hard.whenever i pinch my nipple it goes to normal shape, and when i take shower or in cold weather.

I am working out in GYM for 2 years. every part of my body changed except lower chest area. It need to be said that i am not skinny or overweight. I am 5 ft 8 inch and weight 74 kg.

Its very important to say that i haven't faced any serious disease in recent times or i haven't took any medicine except multivitamins.

some suggest me to take conium-200 , 6 pills twice a day.

i am still confuse what to take. want to start treatment in 1/2 days.

Re:it kills! gynocomestia By: udaya kumar
July 12 2017
Conium is right medicine.....to correct and balance the hormones.... Thuja 30C and Natrum Mur 30C in that order will also be beneficial here....Thuja to correct vaccinosis and predispositions including predisposition to indurations and Natrum Mur to correct the hormonal balance in T Cells and B Cells if any which may be leading to gynacomastia Is your eyes bulging out, then you have to add thyroidinum 3X and Iodium 1M. best wishes.


Re:it kills! gynocomestia By: mayana
July 13 2017
i am now confuse.
1st i will take conium 30c for 5 days or conium 200 for 15 days?
after that will i take thuja 30c and natrum mur 30c both? what will be the doses? and how many days?
.............. plz explain the doses and time

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