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HPV Virus
Started by: Denise at July 11 2017

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HPV Virus By: Denise
July 11 2017
Dear Udaya,

I just got diagnosed with HPV virus... My cells are also slightly abnormal on the cervix from a pap smear

Is there a cure? Your advice is kindly appreciated. Thank you for being on this website


Re:HPV Virus By: Denise
July 12 2017
Hello Udaya,

Please read below.

Thank you so kindly

Re:HPV Virus By: udaya kumar
July 12 2017
you have not given me the symptoms, you have only given me the diagnosis....I have extensively dealt with this in this forum....write HPV in the window on the left hand top corner of this page and search click. Use Nitric Acid 1M single dose and report with balance symptoms.


Re:HPV Virus By: Denise
July 13 2017
Hi Udaya,

I have green discharge. No other STD. Pain in the right side of lower stomach. Pap smear came back with abnormal cells. Need further testing to know if it will lead to cancer.

Emotionally- feelings of betrayal. Sadness. Low spirited.

I will take Nitic Acid. Will order today. Will report back.

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