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Acne and hypothyroid
Started by: Minnu at July 7 2017

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Acne and hypothyroid By: Minnu
July 7 2017
Hello Doctor,

I am suffering from severe acne .I am also suffering from hypothyroidism. Can you please suggest me.

Thank you

Re:Acne and hypothyroid By: udaya kumar
July 7 2017
Please describe yourself completely including amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea etc if any.


Re:Acne and hypothyroid By: 2tuff
July 11 2017
Wash your face 2-3 times daily with your own FRESH urine and you'll soon see differences come into play.


Start to learn Urotherapy and implement it within your other health protocols such as diet, Qi-gong etc.

Hypothyroid can be aided by sarcode treatment such as thyroidinum (6c potency or lower for hypo) but ideally a whole body and being analysis should be looked into so the right remedies can be used to suit the symptom pattern. Some people with hypo thyroid (high TSH) can show signs of some hyper (low TSH) symptoms) therefore titles are not clear cut.

Re:Acne and hypothyroid By: udaya kumar
July 11 2017
We had discussed this subject exhaustively in this forum....may see one of the links written ten years ago.


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