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Ear Infections
Started by: Generka at May 19 2017

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Ear Infections By: Generka
May 19 2017

Now I know it's got to be very different for dogs, but I'm hoping that homeopathy will help, because nothing else has! We have talked to two vets and I've done research on my own changing their food and everything. Nothing is helping!

Both Samoyeds. There's a female about 50 lbs and a male about 70 lbs. They are both about 12 years old, so getting up there for their breed but otherwise they seem to be in good health. They have hard brown/black crusted discharge in their ears at all times (except for when we clean it out) and their ears are red and irritated on the inside. They are Samoyeds, so their ears stand up (different from many dogs who's ears flop down and have problems with ear infections). They cry and whimper, especially in the morning, and rub their ears on the ground trying to itch them, I assume. They are also having a hard time hearing, which i don't know if it's actually loss of hearing or if it's all the crap that's in there. When they shake their head it sometimes sounds like water inside their ears.

The female dog also has a similar rash on her back leg near her rear, which makes me wonder if it's a yeast infection that has moved to their ears (they will try to lick each other when we aren't looking and I think that's spreading it to the other dog). We were given antibiotics by the vet which haven't helped a bit, except that when we stop giving the antibiotic, along with the aspirin we started giving them daily, they go crazy and it seems to be very painful for them (i'm wondering if that's just the lack of aspirin, though). I understand that giving them aspirin so often is very bad for their liver, especially being so old, but we don't know what else to do when they're crying in pain. We have also been giving them daily Vitamin C tablets.

When I tried switching their food, we had a time between dry dog foods that we gave them real, human food. That consisted of salmon, pumpkin, a little brown rice, plain greek yogurt with live cultures, and shredded carrot. I read online that dogs can be allergic to chicken, beef, soy, corn and wheat. Greek yogurt for the yeast infection (if that's what it is). Within three days they were less restless, didn't cry as much and were more perky. The female was trotting around (something she does when she's happy) and they really looked like they were starting to feel better. Then we found another dry dog food that didn't have any of those allergens I listed above and they were okay with it at first, but the infection seems to be heading back to where they were. We also stopped the yogurt, so i'm wondering if that is a big issue.

Any help would be amazing! The vets we've talked to obviously just want us to keep buying their antibiotics or have no idea what's wrong. In the meantime my doggies are very unhappy and in extreme pain. Sad Please help! I've been reading a lot on homeopathy and have high hopes, but am not even close to knowing how to do it on my own. Even if you can direct me to someone/somewhere that can might be helpful, that would be perfect. Thank you!!

Re:Ear Infections By: udaya kumar
May 19 2017
Is the ear drum perforated? Did you find any mite infection?


Re:Ear Infections By: Generka
May 19 2017
The vet said she couldn't see into the ear canal because it was so swollen, but she didn't think it was perforated. She also said there were no ear mites, and we've never seen that either.

Homeopathy for Animals By: TaraJoy
May 19 2017
Hi Generka,

I'm sure Udaya will advise you but a friend recently gave me a book called Prozac-Free Pets by homeopath Kim Rockshaw and it was so impressive I can't help but recommend it. The author has a website: http://www.kimrockshaw.com/animals.html
and might just be worth a call. The rates seem reasonable and if she can't help, you can always ask if she's got a recommendation for you. (I don't know where you're located).

Don't be put off by the title and think it's all about psycho cats (and yes, that's why it was given to me!). It's quite well thought out with very practical info on homeopathy and some of the best guidance on the flower essences (Bach, Spirit-in-Nature, and Flower Essence Society) that I've run across, including important tips about the very well known Rescue Remedy that I'd not seen elsewhere. The book is indeed mainly regarding emotional/behavioural situations but does include physical ailments. Often she mentions human uses in addition to the animals and even when she doesn't, it can be worked out fairly easily. I'd just been thinking of posting about the book to my fellow animal enthusiasts on the forum but hadn't gotten round to it. If I were in your shoes, I'd ring her - nothing to lose!

Best wishes,

Re:Ear Infections By: udaya kumar
May 20 2017
If there is a perforation the medicine to be used is Silicea 30C three times a day for three days.....it will close the perforation and everything will be back to normal.
If it is because of mite bite the medicines are Ledum Pal 30C and Apis Mel 30C three times a day for three days.
If thee is water in the labyrinthes or vestibules....there should be an immuno deficiency related problem which has to be addressed starting with Thuja and Natrum Mur in 30C potency.....If there is any infection the best possible medicine is Hepar Sulph 30C followed by Belladonna 30C and Chamomilla 30C.
Since the discharges are brown/black crusted, I can only presume there has been a mite bite and further irritations brought on by the paw. and rubbing.....the best solution for immediate relief is two drops of Mullein Oil into each ear once a day.......Belladonna and hepar sulph has been suggested keeping in view all kinds of infections from streptococcus onwards and any inflammation /infection in the eustashian tube and behind the ear drums......Silicea will take care of the discharges and perforations....if any......Since ledum cannot be applied it may be taken in 30C potency......


Re:Ear Infections By: Generka
May 24 2017
Thank you for the advice! I have contacted Kim Rockshaw and will be having a consultation with her soon.

Udaya, there isn't a perforation according to the vet and there are no ear mites. I'm not sure if there is water, but the main problem is the yeast. Should I, therefore, try the Hepar Sulph 30C followed by Belladonna 30C and Chamomilla 30C? Because there are no ear mites, I won't be using the Mullein Oil. Is this correct?

Thank you.

Re:Ear Infections By: udaya kumar
May 24 2017
You mean Otomycosis.....? use Mezerium 200C one dose a day for three days...report.


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