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Resp-Sir Udaya-1,25-Dihydroxy VitD
Started by: bell at May 19 2017

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Resp-Sir Udaya-1,25-Dihydroxy VitD By: bell
May 19 2017
Resp. Sir Udaya-1,25-Dihydroxy VitD

hypo thyroid .025 mg synthroid 61 years of age weight 94 lbs.

I have been taking cal-mag supplements for over 20 years nov 2016 report my reading of 25-dihydroxy vit d was 182 (normal range is 43-168)

a special blood test is needed for this normally the specialist insist to put me on pregnozone and I said I will not take it I believe in alternative medicine.

She asked me to stop all calcium supplements.

Now am due for check up. have not gone yet
Please sir Udaya is there any help for the above symptom. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Also saw my gp may 2017,blood test and said my tSH level is 3.36 I would really like to see if I can lessen the synthroid pill.

My health problem started with hypothyroid
If one has a thyroid problem is it permanent?

Also my skin is very itchy and sometimes it feels like burning.

Please help sir. very grateful for your kind help
thank you very much for reading my post.

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