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Emotional difficulties with a 5 year old please help desperate!
Started by: eleanor at May 15 2017

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Emotional difficulties with a 5 year old please help despera By: eleanor
United Kingdom
May 15 2017
Can anyone help please? My 5 year old daughter is being a nightmare! I cannot get her up on a morning without a screaming match morning she won't get out of bed get dressed or have breakfast she is extremely stubborn and is having a lot of fun tantrums I had a stroke when she was 4 and she was away from her and in hospital for 5 months all over Christmas birthdays etc do homeopathic remedies help with emotional issues she seems certain angry at something a lot of the time she isn't a clingy child doesn't hug much etc and don't have a cuddle when she falls or hurts herself is there anything I can try I'm at my whits end pleased help!?

Re:Emotional difficulties with a 5 year old please help desp By: eleanor
United Kingdom
May 18 2017
Us where anyone able to help with this please?

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