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Resp Udaya Sir eye floaters
Started by: bell at May 14 2017

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Resp Udaya Sir eye floaters By: bell
May 14 2017
Resp Udaya Sir
I have these eye floaters brown dots and the eye dr. said it is migraine in the eyes. 61 years and diabetic since 2008?

So I did take something separately for migraine initially it worked very well but not any more.
Please help with your kind suggestions

Re:Resp Udaya Sir eye floaters By: udaya kumar
May 14 2017
which eye is affected.... Ocular migraine, retinal migraine, ophthalmic migraine or visual migraine usually is one sided or semi cranial....the brown dots may be due to mild vitreous haemorrhages. Use of Arnica 30C, Phosphorus 30C and Belladonna 30C in that order one dose each a day morning , afternoon, evening should correct it....


Re:Resp Udaya Sir eye floaters By: bell
May 15 2017
Thank you very much Sir Udaya.

I dont know what kind of migraine - but the spots appear in front of both eyes.

Is there something you can please suggest as eyedrops? many years ago due to computer usage i used eyebright. I was not diabetic and i used to wear contact lenses but now- not sure felt good
Thank you again for your kind help

Re:Resp Udaya Sir eye floaters By: bell
May 17 2017
Resp. dr. Udaya there is about 50% improvement on the eye floaters.

Also am sorry i did not mention that in 2012 i had an ischemic stroke on the right side of my head -the first time the floaters appeared was not a result of the i. stroke so i really dont know much as my dr. did not give me any allopathy meds for the same.

please read my above post if you have some time.
thank you very much for all your kind help.

Re:Resp Udaya Sir eye floaters By: bell
May 31 2017
resp sir
thank you very much for the remedy for floaters in front of my eyes as i mentioned above i had an ischemic stroke in 2012 -

Now with your remedy the floaters have gone.

arnica 30c, phos 30c, belladona 30c
please suggest if i should continue with the above.
Thank you for your kind suggestions. - May good health be yours

Re:Resp Udaya Sir eye floaters By: udaya kumar
May 31 2017
You may continue weekly single day doses of these medicines.


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