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Dr Udaya would you please help? Multiple Ailments
Started by: mommyofboys at May 10 2017

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Dr Udaya would you please help? Multiple Ailments By: mommyofboys
May 10 2017
Hi Dr Udaya,

You have already been so kind in helping me with questions related to my son's health. I have a few questions for you regarding my own health, if you would be so kind as to provide your recommendations for medicines/remedies which might help me?

I am struggling with the following health issues:

1) Dizziness/Vertigo
2) Chronic Sinusitis
3) Allergies with post nasal drip
4) catarrh of Eustachian Tube (fluid in Eustachian Tube), accompanied by crackling sound in Right ear, and occasional tinnitus
5) Joint pain in Knees and stiffness in legs
6) significant Hair Loss (postpartum)
7) Premature greying of Hair
8 ) Hirsutism (unwanted hair on face, specifically chin)
9) excessive Fatigue, Exhaustion, feelings of being completely overwhelmed, and Grief/saddness
10) Mental fogginess, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, blurry vision

The dizziness/vertigo occurs a few times each day, and only lasts 5-15 seconds. It occurs mainly when I rise out of bed, or if I turn my head to look over my shoulder, or suddenly change directions when I am walking about. I have been having the dizziness/vertigo for 2-3 months now. The only other time I have ever had dizziness/vertigo was about 2.5 years ago. It was very bad, and I was nauseas with it then as well. When I sat in a rocking chair to feed my baby at that time, I felt as if I was going to fall out of the rocking chair and drop the baby, because the vertigo was so severe. It lasted about 10-14 days, and gradually improved during that time period.

The chronic sinusitis is something I have been dealing with for the past 6+ years. I get a sinus infection 3-4 times each year, and have a stuffy nose daily.

My allergies are primarily caused by desert plant life/terrain where I live (I live in a desert), and also by pets (I am allergic to dogs, and highly allergic to cats). My husband had a dog before we were married, so we now live together with the dog even though I am allergic to him. I have thick, bothersome post-nasal drip every day.

The catarrh of my Eustachian Tube and subsequent crackling noise in my Right Ear began during my most recent pregnancy (I gave birth to our baby 5.5 months ago). I was very congested during the pregnancy, my ears were plugged, and I could hear my own voice echoing in my head when I talked. Once the baby was born, my ears un-plugged, and the echoing stopped, but the crackling sound in my Right ear has never gone away. I notice it most when I open my mouth fairly wide to eat when chewing food. I know the eustachian tube connected to my ear is not clear/is filled with fluid.

The joint pain in my knees and stiffness in my legs began after my baby was born (5.5 months ago). I notice it the most when climbing up the stairs, and when getting up and down to kneel or sit on the floor.

The significant hair loss I am currently experiencing began about a month after I gave birth to our baby (I am certain the cause is postpartum related).

The significant premature greying of my hair has been getting worse and worse over the past year. I am a 41-year-old female. I believe the cause of the premature greying of my hair may be stress and grief related.

The hirsutism has been bothersome to me for 10+ years now, and has gradually became worse and worse. The unwanted hair growth is primarily on my chin, with a few unwanted hairs on my neck as well. Being female, I am guessing I may have a hormone imbalance with excessive androgen hormones causing the hirsuitism, but am not 100% certain whether this is the cause. Just a guess.

The excessive fatigue, exhaustion, and feelings of being overwhelmed began shortly after the birth of my first son (nearly 3 years ago), and has gradually become worse and worse. Now that I have two children (an almost 3 year old, and a 5.5 month old infant) and I stay home to take care of my beautiful children every day, I think some of the fatigue is due to lack of sleep, but I believe the feelings of extreme exhaustion and being overwhelmed may have become greater as of recently following the passing of my Father (he died nearly a year ago), as well as my Uncle and Grandmother (each of them passed away during the last 6 months). Also, my nearly 3-year-old son's current struggle with speech delay and sensory issues, which are impacting his behaviour (you are already helping me with my son, we have been corresponding about his issues in a separate post--thank you!) have been a worry/of great concern to me.

Lastly, my mental fogginess, poor memory, blurry vision, and difficulty concentrating all began during the past year while I was pregnant, and have become increasingly worse since the baby was born 5.5 months ago.

Any medicines/remedies you are able to suggest for my various ailments would be so grately appreciated, as I truly hope to feel much better so I can be the best Mommy for my little boys.

I am thinking that Ignatia Amara 200C would be a good remedy for my grief/saddness, etc. Do you agree?

I am thinking that a combination of LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM 30C and PHOSHORICUM ACIDUM 30C would be good for my hair loss and premature grey hair issues. Do you agree?

What other medicines/remedies do you recommend for each of my other ailments?

Thank you so very much for your help. I am new to homeopathy, so dosage and potency info would be most helpful to know for any medicine/remedy.

Mommy of Boys

Dr Udaya Sir, Please help re: Multiple Ailments By: mommyofboys
May 13 2017
Hi Dr Udaya Sir,

At your earliest convenience, I would greatly appreciate your advice/recommendations for medicines/remedies which may help with the ailments I described in my original post.

Thank you so very much,

Mommy of Boys

Dr Udaya Sir: Would you please help? Multiple Ailments By: mommyofboys
May 18 2017
Dr Udaya Sir:

Would be ever so appreciative for your help with my health challenges that I am hoping to be able to treat homeopathically.

Since my original post, I have begun taking Ignatia Amara 200C 2 x's/day (for my grief/anxiety/and feelings of being very overwhelmed as a Mother of very young children). It seems to be slowly helping, and I plan to continue taking it for 1-2 months given I have been struggling with grief and feelings of being totally overwhelmed for quite some time since my Father passed away nearly a year ago.

I am also taking Lycopodium 30C and Phosphoricum Acidum 30C for the significant premature greying of my hair and significant postpartum hair loss. Fortunately, the hair loss has already slowed down significantly. So I am thinking of stopping the Lycopodium 30C, and continuing with the Phosphoricum Acidum 30C since the hair loss has gotten better, but it is too early to tell whether the premature greying of the hair is improving. I will likely need to wait for my hair to grow 1-2 inches to be able to tell whether the premature greying is going away/improving. I believe the premature greying of my hair was caused by extreme emotional stress that was caused by many different factors which have been a part of my life for the past 3-4 years.

At your earliest convenience, I would be ever so grateful for your advice/recommedations to help me with the other ailments I am struggling wtih as described in my original post.

Thank you so very much,

Mommy of Boys

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