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Epstein Barr Virus
Started by: Gemini87 at April 21 2017

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Epstein Barr Virus By: Gemini87
April 21 2017

I've been struggling with EBV for over a year. I deal with constant fevers, body aches and fatigue. Most distressingly I've had significant hair thinning even though I'm only a 29 year old female. I can see some hairs growing back and I know it will take time but plenty of hair is still falling out. I am taking zinc, fish oil, calcium and multi-vitamin supplements but have yet to see any real improvement. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.


Re:Epstein Barr Virus By: shouse_nsk
April 25 2017
PL take
1. Gelsemium-200 6 pills twice a day
2..Bio Compound no-11 3 pallets twice a day
Pl keep 30-40 minutes gap between 1 and 2
Pl take the treatment for one week and then give feedback

R.P. Tamhankar

Re:Epstein Barr Virus By: 2tuff
April 25 2017
Try taking one dose of 'Phos Ac' three times daily in a potency of 30c for a duration of 3-5 days in length. This should help with the joint issues and if you notice a difference but not a vast improvement then take the remedy for a few more days.

I also agree with the Gelsemium remedy and cell salts on Shouse's prescription except I prefer the use of the combination 12 salts all together and the addition of the Nat Mur (more bang for your buck wiht more mineral salts the body needs).

I also believe in the use of the homoeopathic nosode called 'Carcinosin' as this is a great immunity builder and should aid you in a single dose at a potency of 200c.

I'm sure Shouse and Udaya would agree with my comments ???????????

You might also like to look into Blood Electrification and see if this will help you utilizing the Bob Beck Protocol:


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