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Thyroid and constipation
Started by: Sarah at April 15 2017

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Thyroid and constipation By: Sarah
April 15 2017
Hello sir,
I am 39 years old woman married and having 2 children.

I have been suffering from hasimoto hypothyroid for the past 9 years. My antibodies are 400, TSH now 2.4. My diastolic bp remains atleast 91 and sometimes experience high bp 145/100. My hands and feet are usually cold and feel very cold. The feel of cool breeze irritates me even in summer and want to cover my sleeves. My shoulders are stiff and have few knots in the back for many years. I am always preoccupied and cannot remain relaxed even while praying. I have been taking bach remedies to control my thoughts and not to fear while talking in public. With bach remedies my heart stops pounding at a faster rate but still I m not been able to stay in the present.

I have acute constipation, no matter what fiber, herb I take. It does not get regular.Even senna is not very effective. I tried all homeopath doctors but no one has been able to cure this constipation.

Eventhough my diet is normal but my weight is not in proportion and despite regular exercises.especially my thighs and tummy.

One homeopath gave me avena sativa, kali carb and rescue remedy also which helped to keep my bp in balance but nothing more.

My nose is normally blocked and i cannot smell much. I have pimples on my face even though I take fruit juices.
I have dark circles and my hair is getting white at a faster pace like a 60 yr old
woman especially from right side. White hair upsets me the most.

My right side of the body is mostly affected with pain and stiffness including neck

My periods are regular but sometimes I experience scanty period for few months and then get fine.

I get shortness of breath by climbing stairs or running for a short distance.

I have a good memory but cannot express myself. Run out of words while talking or writing. Think a lot.

I was given iodium also by a homoepath doctor but didnt feel like losing weight or getting cure from constipation or coldness.

Please prescribe something for me

Re:Thyroid and constipation By: Sarah
April 15 2017
Forgot to mention sir that I feel very thirsty and grind my teeth at night.

Re:Thyroid and constipation By: udaya kumar
April 15 2017
Use single dose of Lycopodium 200C ...no other medicines on that day....Next day onwards use Silicea 6C three times a day for one week...thereafter use Silicea 30C three times a day for three days and thereafter Silicea 200C one dose a day for three days. Repeat Lycopodium 200C after one week....no other medicines on the day of Lycopodium 200C. report on third day best wishes.


Re:Thyroid and constipation By: Sarah
April 15 2017
Thanks sir for your response and prescribing mediicnes.

Sir, I will use the medicines right away but would like to ask you that for past one month I have been developing rashes on face and back and that comes and go with itchiness. I was given sepia 200 thrice a day which controlled the symptoms but since i stopped my rashes on face and neck are coming randomly again. Will lycopodium and silicea would take care of those rashes as well?

Thanks a lot!

Re:Thyroid and constipation By: udaya kumar
April 16 2017
Silicea may because it seems constitutional to you.....


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