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Udaya Kumar jee, homeopathy during pregnancy!
Started by: desigirl at April 14 2017

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Udaya Kumar jee, homeopathy during pregnancy! By: desigirl
April 14 2017
I just found out today that I am pregnant. I have been taking homeopathic sulphur 30c for insomnia and stress for past 2 weeks. I wanted to check that sulphur will not cause any harm to pregnancy. Also, is there something I can do for insomnia and nausea?

Re:Udaya Kumar jee, homeopathy during pregnancy! By: udaya kumar
April 14 2017
sulphur does not interfere with pregnancy and for that matter no homeopathic medicines have any side effects...... pulsatilla may not be taken during pregnancy in the beginning as well as in later stages.


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