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Nose blocked problem...need help
Started by: varunb at March 20 2017

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Nose blocked problem...need help By: varunb
March 20 2017

- one nostril blocked (usually the left one) all the time mostly. If the left one open up the right one starts to get blocked.
- breathing through blocked nostril makes me feel that there is no discharge but possible mucous membrane inflammation inside.
- thick glue like discharge either in lumps or as single discharge usually in the morning & night sometimes; also happens after eating fatty, junk food, cold drinks or ice creams; causes congestion; requires effort not to get it swallowed in throat.
- both nostrils open up when I am doing workout in the gym; discharge thins up but difficult to expel; requires effort.
- blocked nostril bothers a lot when going to sleep if its the left one; makes breathing difficult due to deviated nasal bone.
- no sneezing, runny nose.
- no sore throat.
- no polyps; tonsils.
- forced to blow nose when I feel this sticky gluey like mucus but nothing comes out but as soon as I lie down trouble begins; relief only when it has been expelled by blowing nose with effort.

Physical appearance
- 29/M/India
- fair complexion
- 5'10 height.
- dry hair.

- obsession with problem-solving; dislike to leave in the middle unless really important.
- forgetful; weakness of memory due to thoughts revolving around how to solve my problem.
- indecisive during acts or ideas.
- highly analytical before making a purchase.
- cannot do mathematical calculations in mind.
- refuse to look for help unless desperate or cannot find the solution on my own.
- aversion to household work; but conscious enough when the task must be done to help parents.
- laziness.
- aversion to bathing atleast on either Saturday or Sunday.
- sensitive to pain, noise; health anxiety of myself & of loved ones.
- aversion to touch sometimes.
- highly impatient, restlessness.
- short tempered, can get irritated quickly.
- concern for physical appearance and health; weight lifting in gym atleast 3 times a week.
- open to opinions but when I am firm I don't listen.
- irritated when contradicted esp when my knowledge of the subject under discussion is more than the other person.
- funny, witty; likes to pull leg during conversation.
- dependent upon family members.

likes sweet and sour food.
feels sleepy after lunch.

warm blooded, likes to have window open before sleep.

Medicines tried
Sulphur 200CH last week which took my mind off for sometime but did not feel relief. Sulphur usually works on me be it sore throat during cold or constipation sometimes or curing my hairfall problem last year. Moreover, the headaches that I have sometimes in the evening due to lack of sleep after lunch.

Tried Kali Bich 30 this morning & started getting weird headache/sleepiness.

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