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After Lycopodium
Started by: gladwys at March 19 2017

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After Lycopodium By: gladwys
Southern Europe
March 19 2017
Dear Udaya

After my brother has taken Lycop 200K over five weeks he seems a lot better - brain more active, still walking with hesitation but much more 'aware' of surroundings.

I have read in Dr Alain Horvilleur's Encyclopedia that Alumina 9ch could help him with Alzheimer symptoms and wonder if I should give him this each day as prescribed there, to keep up his present state, or will it stay the same without any other 'help'?

Kind regards

Re:After Lycopodium By: udaya kumar
March 19 2017
In Alzeimers' Alumina will help.....Other medicines that can help are Gingko Biloba Q 5 drops in one ounce water three times a day for one week and repeat with further convenient gap. Use one glass of warm milk with one spoonful of turmeric powder diluted in it every day.......Rose marinus officianalis Q and Bacopa Monniery Q are the other medicines of value in improving memory power ......


best wishes


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