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Fear of travel
Started by: shouse_nsk at March 18 2017

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Fear of travel By: shouse_nsk
March 18 2017
Shri Uday Kumarji
One of my patient has a fear of travel.
What best remedy you can suggest.
I was thinking of Areseinc Alb, Stphisagria etc.
Am I at right direction ..? What potency..?
R.P. Tamhankar

Re:Fear of travel By: udaya kumar
March 18 2017
Dear Shri Tamhankarji,,
Causes for Fear of travel may be classified into physical ailments, fears and anxieties, subconscious phoebias, mind ailments like homesickness, refusal to change.

When we talk of refusal to change it should be understood that if the ailment is at mind level then the leading miasm behind it is Psoric meaning there is a obsessive compulsiveness behind it......The medicines should then start with Psorinum, Pulsatilla and Arsenic Album.,........Fears usually is corrected by Arsenic Album and Anxieties by Aconitum Napillus and anxiety with hurry by argentum nitricum .

Physical :
Usually due to ailments like motion sickness, vomiting, backaches, rfailway spine, oedema, pain on movement etc.
motion sickness - Cocculus indicus
vomiting - arsenic album
backaches, railway spine ...Rhus Tox, Nux Vomica, Bamboosa, Bellis perennis.
oedema - apis mellifica
pain in movement - bryonia

If Fears are stopping him from travel some of the major fears are :
Fear of heights - Argentum Nitricum
Fear of flights -Aconitum
Fear of closed spaces - Hydrastis, Sulphur, Succinum.
Fear of terrible things will happen -Causticum
Constant fear of breaking down under stress. Apprehensive.Cannot bear to anything new, fear of change, loss of confidence - lycopodium
Fear of dogs - tuberculinum, belladonna
Fear change/homesickness - capsicum
Fear of people, insecure, uncertain, scared; Fear of strangers;- Thuja, Cuprum, causticum, baryta carb, carbo veg, stramonium.
Fear of Darkness ,,,Calcarea Carb, Medorrhinum......
Lack of cleanliness other than home ....Arsenic Album, Syphilinum, Psorinum.
The cause of many of the fears are subsconscious phoebias which are impressions either from childhood or before....and the rest of them arises from endocrine insufficiency and upset stomach......in particular adrinals, acidity, ulcerous conditions of stomach....Borax Nux, Arge.Nit./ Natrum Phos...and hydrastis are valuable here... Fear of travel therefore cannot be taken as a single symptom but a symptom with various underlying causes that has to be determined to reach the right prescription.

Usually people fear to travel due to motion sickness which cause vomiting while travelling in bus and cars....the cause is mostly within the eyes and at the root of the nerves starting from spine towards eyes.....which invariably irritates the parotid gland triggering secretion of bile and resultant nausea. medicine is Cocculus Indicus......which corrects the conditions at the nape of the neck./....in some cases imbalances of bile due to liver conditions or billious conditions trigger that and where Iris Vers should be looked into....Arsenic album is complementary to all vomitings. In Staphisagria there is always an apprehension of meeting with humiliation on travelling which originates from past experiences of humiliations and abuses received while travelling particularly with sexual overtones prevent desist the mind of subject person from venturing into travelling....these accounts of past humiliations, hurts, guilt consciousness, sexual abuses etc could be deleted from the subconscious mind of the individual concerned by use of Staphisagria in 1M potency or higher and he /she will be pleased to travel again.....

I hope this serves your purpose....with regards. udaya.


Re:Fear of travel By: shouse_nsk
March 20 2017
Shri Udaykumarji
Thanks for guidance
R.P. Tamhankar

Re:Fear of travel By: shouse_nsk
March 20 2017
Shri Udaykumarji
Thanks for guidance.
Ram P Tamhankar

Re:Fear of travel By: udaya kumar
March 20 2017
Thank you Ramji....


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