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Herpes Zoster
Started by: Sunny at March 18 2017

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Re:Herpes Zoster By: Aditya
April 10 2017

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Couple of updates.She did suffer from mild chicken pox way back in her childhood. you are right. She also had lymph node TB during 1999 for which she took 9 months allopathy treatment.

She is chronic constipation patient for years and takes only homeopathy for several years. She takes isagol or Harad.

Have given Bryonia 30 and shall be giving conium 200 one dose today.

Even before the cataract operation of her eyes she was finding irritation, itching and burning sensation and hazy. After the left eye operation the expectation was that her pressure will reduce and not lead to glucoma.

To that extent the drops have maintained the pressure below or equal to 18. However, she keeps saying all the symptoms and says that both the operated one (left) and non-operated one (right) there is no difference. But the AIIMS doctor is giving her timolol maleate to keep the pressure under check as the doctor says that without the drops her pressure would fluctuate and damage the nerve.

So if we are switching to homeopathic drops and medicine we will have to stop the allopathic drops right for only 3 days and again switch back to allopathy?

Second question : in the market there are 4 variants of cineraraia and no where 3x is mentioned. Reckewig cineraria is d2. In schwabe or SBL it is cineraria is 0 and euhprasia is also mixed and glycerine.

I am arranging for 3x gelsemium which I could not get. The shop had 3c I think.
Is 3x and 3c same?

Thanks for patiently replying sir.


Re:Herpes Zoster By: udaya kumar
April 10 2017
Chicken pox is a detoxing ailment meaning the body throws out all toxins from the body in one go and achieves homeostasis for a period of time thereafter denying the susceptibility to any ailments on that body and therefore a virulent attack is a welcome attack and a mild attack is a dangerous attack as suppression has taken place in mild attacks due to suppressive medicines used or heavy and healthy foods taken.. For a chicken pox patient therefore a period of upavasa is the best medicine alongwith nutritious drinks like coconut water where plenty of phosphorus is included. as well as minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and vitamins like B6 , C, E, K, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, and folate acting as electrolytes......Therefore the terminology called mild attack is soothing to hear but not helpful to the body in any ailment where eruptions on skin are involved....where the FIRE in the body is activated towards cure.....this is where Sulphur, Psorinum, Phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, potassium are important in homeopathy and the very reason why some adepts in homeo wrote in the past within their books that Kali or Potassium medicines should not be used in ailments where there is fever....meaning those people might have had serious aggravations with potassium while in eruptive ailments where activation is centrifugal because of the fact that they promote complete cure and therefore a curing or healing crisis which the physicians and the patient may not be in a position to endure.......!!!

Later she may be given a dose or two of Tuberculinum 1M or 10M which will cutshort the length of any treatment she is receiving in due course. Because the tuberculous miasm should be block to complete recovery......

In Ayurveda there is a Kalkam or a neutralising agent in all preparations.....Most of the medicines used by human beings have a toxic part which manifests as side effects in allopathic pharmachopoea and is completely eliminated in homeopathy due to dilution method or ionisation method, where as it is neutralised in Ayurveda by the use of specific antidote which could be a grain or two of mustard or a grain or two of black pepper or whatever as secretly told to the Vaidya (Ayurvedic physician) by their ancestory........If any medicine like Isagol, Harad etc. are used randomly chosen from the benefits narrated in materialistic writers of shallow knowledge, and easily picked up from the social and other media, would not be having the spiritual insights as to how to remove its toxic effects and used in material doses is bound to produce side effects as detailed by you as chronic constipation etc.....as secondary reaction which is opposite to the primary action of controlling diarrhea or the intention of good bowel motion for which it was primarily used.......

To your query: Stop allopathic medicines for three days only use the other medicines monitor the benefits, report and restart the allopathic medicines if need be....meaning if the pressure is completely gone, you need not restart allopathic medicine.....and also since you have confirmed the glaucoma aspect, you may use osmium 6C and physostigma 6C three times a day alongwith alopathic medicines.

Use Cineraria Q ...Euphrasia with it is ok.....but the medicine should have been made by using water and not alcohol as alcohol gives more irritation to the eye and benefits will be lost in that aggravation.....you can ask the dispenser to give you Ceneraria Mar Q dilution in water. ( http://www.homeoint.org/books/boericmm/c/cine.htm


Re:Herpes Zoster By: Sunny
April 11 2017
Thanks for such detailed explanation. I shall give the drops and medicines suggested for 3 days and check the pressure and report. We are also continuing with the trio for herpes for 1 more week along with hypericum 200 at least 2 times a day as well


Re:Herpes Zoster By: udaya kumar
April 11 2017


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