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Stress... Pls help
Started by: shi_81 at March 17 2017

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Stress... Pls help By: shi_81
March 17 2017
My husband is 38 yrs old. By profession, he is a software engineer and is at good position. He is very stressed. recenrtly, observed his BP as 130/100. He gets irritated sometimes even without any cause and starts finding faults in others and later on realize the same also. In office also, he gets involve in argument with others an later on says sorry. He does not sleep well at night for the last one year. 5 days back, he resigned from his job saying that he will do something else and cannot continue with the job. he always feels lonely. at home on weekends, he spends most of his time in pretending that he is sleeping which actually he is not. sometimes he talks to me for hours and says that it relieve the stress and at the next moment he says he is alone. Is it sign of depression. He is not ready to discuss the problem and consult doctor as well. pls advice how can I help him. which medicine will work.

He is taking following medicines

one dose of Nat mur 1M by 2 drops on 8/3/17

aurum met 30 2 drops thrice in a day...started after a week ie on 15/3/17

After taking nat mur he was feeling good for 3-4 days then it effect fads and no effect of aurum met is visible. Moreover he is not able to sleep at night......
Pls advice if he is taking right medicine.

Whats the right way to take aurum met as it was adviced as "aurum met 30 2 drops mixed with 1/2 cup of water and take 1 spoon thrice in a day". which is not much clear.

Re:Stress... Pls help By: udaya kumar
March 17 2017
use Aurum Met in 1 M potency one dose a week for three weeks....three drops in one ounce water could constitute a dose, No other medicines on that day. Next day onwards use Nux Vomica 30C three drops in one ounce water three times a day for one week.
As the ailment is at mind level and not on physical level, 30C potency is not sufficient in Aurum...therefore use 1M one dose a week .....Nux will remove the stress from him. and aurum the depression.....check if he has any ailments in the stomach which is causing sleeplessness other than the worries. .


Re:Stress... Pls help By: shi_81
March 17 2017
Thanks for your prompt reply.

Does it mean first to take 3 doses of aurum and then in fourth week start nux.


in one week, on first day take aurum and then nux on remaining days and repeat it for three weeks.

Pls clarify.

As such he does not have any problem in stomach.

Re:Stress... Pls help By: udaya kumar
March 17 2017
I think I am very clear....start use of Nux vomica 24 hours after the first dose of aurum met 1. Use Nux Vomica for 1 week. use the second dose of Aurum met 1M... After a week use third dose of Aurum met...... Report after each medicine.


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