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Dr Udaya Kumar : Weak Ankle Joint
Started by: shaktikroy at March 15 2017

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Dr Udaya Kumar : Weak Ankle Joint By: shaktikroy
March 15 2017
Dear Dr.,
Need your advise for my friends wife. She is around 66 had been a tracker and very active. Is not overweight and also had surgery for cancer.
Started getting slow / tired. 4-5 months back she was told by an orthopedic that her ankle joint ligaments & bone have gradually become weak.Now she can not walk long at a stretch as she gets pain in ankle joint.
Request advise.

Col Roy

Re:Dr Udaya Kumar : Weak Ankle Joint By: udaya kumar
March 15 2017
use the following medicines
1. Causticum 30C three times a day for three days.
2. Natrium Carb 30C three times a day for three days.
3. Calcarea Phos 6X three times a day for two weeks.

best wishes.


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