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Udaya Sir-Kindly suggest1
Started by: HoneyKhanna at March 14 2017

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Udaya Sir-Kindly suggest1 By: HoneyKhanna
March 14 2017
Hello Udaya Sir,

An arsenicum album female is having below mentioned symptoms.Please suggest the suitable remedy:

Hair: very thin and less.They break in parts and not pulled from the root.

Cold: she used to get severe cold but was completely with a dose of pulsatilla 30.

osteoarthritis of hands and feet.Pain in nuckles of hand.

Obesity: around stomach , hips and thighs.Face is not healthy, neither is the neck.

Urine:Major problem.it takes around half an hour to 40 minutes to pass urine.It will come with flow initially, then in drops and then with a feel that it stopped as if stuck.

Again after some time, the urge to pass urine is there, but again incomplete bladder emptying.

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