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Uday Sir: Pain
Started by: sachincetpa at March 10 2017

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Uday Sir: Pain By: sachincetpa
March 10 2017
Dear Sir
This person is a 30 year male height 5.10 weight 95 kg.

Stiffness in neck and pain between shoulder (Cervical Region). Left lower abdomen pain some time burning sensation in urine .Skin allergy redness on and around thigh area.Hardness in nose.

Recent He has completed antibiotic treatment for IBS.

Re:Uday Sir: Pain By: udaya kumar
March 10 2017
He must be suffering from ulcertative colitis.use Bryonia 30C for stiffness in neck three times for three days with single dose of causticum 30C. Use merc sol 30C with nux Vomica 30C for UC/IBS.....use Geranium Q 5 drops in one ounce of water three times a day for ulcers.


Re:Uday Sir: Pain By: sachincetpa
March 15 2017
Taken Above medicine

No relief

Re:Uday Sir: Pain By: udaya kumar
March 15 2017
use single dose of Thuja 1M and Apis Mellifica 1M single dose wait for a day and report


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