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Dementia lewy body plaque
Started by: Elliebk at March 9 2017

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Dementia lewy body plaque By: Elliebk
March 9 2017
My dad is suffering from Lewy body dementia, which is a mix of Parkinson's and dementia. There are no tremors but lost motor functions.

He is suffering from :

sleepless nights
difficult to focus - when he sees things does not look straight - eyes go round and round
stiff legs
cannot walk at all
back pain
It takes me half hour to carry him from upstairs to downstairs of the house.
Doctors said this is all due to plaque created in the brain by beta-amyloid protein, stopping the communication between neurons. Also he is losing motor functions, such as walking, standing up balance etc.

Please advise for this dementia for his extreme short term memory loss, hallucinations and not being able to walk.

Something to ensure full sleep at night please for him

Udaya Sir please help:Dementia lewy body plaque By: Elliebk
March 12 2017
Please help for above issue
Thank you so much

Re:Dementia lewy body plaque By: udaya kumar
March 15 2017
use Agaricus Mus 30C three times a day for three days and report. use Avena Sativa Q 10 drops in one ounce water three times a day as tonic....


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