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Udaya kumar sir please help.
Started by: looser1991 at March 6 2017

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Udaya kumar sir please help. By: looser1991
March 6 2017
Gender: Male.
Age: 26.
Weight: 70.
Height: 6í.

Sir I am patient of
Anxiety (most of the time), Tension (all time without any cause),
Fear (all time mostly about my health and my future),
Nonstop thinking, always irritable mind, negative thinking, less concentration (because of Nonstop thinking), low patience, very less self confidence, Very easily irritable, easily get angry on small things and issues, addicted to xxxx, masturbation (suffering ill effects) and tobacco smoking, very very weak memory (forget within few minutes after the incident happened), hair thinning (donít know itís because of hair fall), very less facial hair growth, back pain after sitting straightly for few minutes and I have sinus problem too.

Re:Udaya kumar sir please help. By: udaya kumar
March 6 2017
use Staphisagria 1M one dose ...no other medicines that day....report after two days the benefits you have received and the balance symptoms.


Re:Udaya kumar sir please help. By: looser1991
March 7 2017
Dear udaya sir I have cigarette smoking habit it effect the results when I take Staphisagria.

Re:Udaya kumar sir please help. By: looser1991
March 8 2017
Udaya sir please give me reply.

Re:Udaya kumar sir please help. By: looser1991
March 12 2017
I don't see any benefits after taking staphysagria 1M one dose.

Re:Udaya kumar sir please help. By: lal_anar
March 12 2017
Smoking cigarette does not have any effect on home meds.

U have taken 1M of Staph. Now, wait for a week.

After 1 week take single dose of Syphilinum 1M.
Do not repeat.

than one week later take single dose of Sulphur 1M.

after this wait come back after 3 weeks and report

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