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ear fullness
Started by: sam at March 2 2017

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ear fullness By: sam
March 2 2017
Hi uday kumar !
sir im suffering frm fullness in left ear with hissing sound my neck can be felt swollen if touched and a tube frm ear to throat also can be felt swollen . i can sleep properly there is lot of phelgm i get sore throat very easily . plz suggest me a remedy

Re:ear fullness By: udaya kumar
March 2 2017
use Hepar sulph 1M single dose and report after three days.


Re:ear fullness By: sam
March 9 2017
hi mr udaya!
i took hepar sulf 1 m single dose . Not any big change in symptoms but it feels like im gulping down phelgm . When i gargel or take soups the phelgm starts coming out of my mouth. Due to weather changes in here islamabad i start feeling headache sneezing and it annoys a lot . But the main problem is again the same the plugged left ear muffled hearing from
that ear . plz suggest

Re:ear fullness By: sam
March 11 2017
hi uday sir !
its been fourth day after having hepar sulf 1 m single dose for one day . Now my having a loose stool 4/5 times a dayy . whenever i m taking any hot liquid it runs my nose i can feel the passages over my face too . there is some kind of tickling in my ear . My throat condition looks some wat improved. when i pull my left ear that is plugged it itches but the pain is very little.the tube coming from my ear to the throat seems full having something in it
Im female 35
medium height
weigh 55 kg
feel better in very hot room
feel uncomfortable in chilly atmoshere
likes sunny weather
short tempered
gets irritated easily

Re:ear fullness By: udaya kumar
March 11 2017
Just wait for some more days the medicine is working.....use two drops of Mullein Oil in the ear once a day or as required for itching, wax and tickling.....use Natrum Mur 30C three times a day for three days for running nose on use of hot or spicy food or liquid(or gustatory rhinitis). Use single dose of Nux Vomica 200C once only or loose stool
irritation and short temper.


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