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Pain and urinary symptoms
Started by: mkhan6 at March 1 2017

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Pain and urinary symptoms By: mkhan6
March 1 2017
Mr. Udaya,
I have some severe urinary symptoms which have been going on for about a year. I think these are are a combination of chronic prostatitis and due to herniated disc in L5/S1 as I have both issues. The symptoms are

Ongoing for one year
Burning sensation at the tip of penis and testicles
itching/irritation at the base of penis on left side only
difficulty starting urine
Symptoms get aggravated during urination and immediately after urination
Pain during orgasm
Premature ejaculation
Symptoms also get aggravated with drinking caffeine and Abstinence of more than 3 days

I looked up the symptoms online and took Thuja 1M which helped my symptoms some. However the symptoms did not get further better. Then I took 2 doses of baryta carb 200c and symptoms have gotten a lot worse since then. Please prescribe some treatment for the symptoms and an antidote for baryta carb if needed.



Re:Pain and urinary symptoms By: udaya kumar
March 1 2017
I do not think L5/S1 has anything to do with this as any disturbance if due to l5 herniation pinching on sciatic or other nerve roots if were to give urinary disturbances and disorders should certainly exhibit other serious problems on lower extremities numbness on legs or sciatic pain radioating beyond calf muscles,severe nerve pain on toes and or locomotive ataxia......Since you have not complained any of these, we may confine the malady to prostatis and kidney probably lithiasis (stone) in kidney or bladder because the burning sensation on the tip of the penis or tinkling sensation there must indicate stones....an ultra sound would be a good option ....if not forget about it and use the following medicines for stones/prostitis.

1. Beriberis Vulgaris Q
2. Hydrangea Q
3 Pareira Brava Q
4. Sabbal Serulata Q
5. Turnera Q
6. Selenium 30C.
The medicines at Sl Ni. 1 to 5 may be taken 5 drops each in one single ounce of water together three times a day for three days. then use the medicines from Sl.No.1 to 3 only for upto one week if found necessary....use Selenium 30C three times a day for one week. Drink more water......


Re:Pain and urinary symptoms By: mkhan6
April 12 2017
I appreciate you prescribing the treatment to me. I saw another doctor who performed a PSA test and Ultrasound for the Kidney. Both of these tests came back negative. The doctor diagnosed me with chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

He prescribed tamsulosin and it has helped my symptoms a lot. I still have pain/feeling of constriction after urination but most of the other symptoms e.g irritation and burning have gotten better
Based on the improvement with medication, I think it may be some kind of muscle tightness in pelvic area. I wanted to confirm if I should carry on with the same homeopathic treatment that you mentioned earlier or if you would like to prescribe a different treatment.

I had sabal serratula available at home and took a few doses. But it did not help at all.


Re:Pain and urinary symptoms By: mkhan6
April 17 2017
Mr. Udaya,
Could you please clarify that even though I do not have kidney stones or bacterial prostatitis, do I still need to take the remedies that you suggested earlier? Once you confirm I will order them online.


Re:Pain and urinary symptoms By: udaya kumar
April 19 2017
You need to take the following medicines :
1. Sabal Serrulata !Q
2. Beriberis Vulgaris Q
3. Selenium 30C

The first two five drops each in one ounce water three times a day and the third one three times a day.....initially this may be taken for one week and we review.


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