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Berberis vulgaris & Carduus Marinus for Diabetes
Started by: lal_anar at February 20 2017

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Berberis vulgaris & Carduus Marinus for Diabetes By: lal_anar
February 20 2017
In clinical research at Univ of Maryland,
Berb Vulgaris showed a reduction of sugar level by 78% in one week.

This is faster like taking Metformin 1000 Mg Tab.

At Univ of Milan
Combination of Berb Vulgaris and Carduus Mariuns
given to patients with type 2 diabetes for 90 days, brought about significant reductions in their glycosylated haemoglobin (HgA1c), fasting insulin, triglyceride, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol readings3. All of these patients were already taking a variety of prescription diabetes drugs, which were failing to control their diabetes adequately.

Not just for diabetes: berberine improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels and aids weight loss, too.

" if you have diabetes or metabolic syndrome, or if you just want to lose weight or reduce your risk factors for heart disease, I would urge you to take a supplement of berberine (500mg to 1500mg a day, or as advised by your practitioner). If you have been newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, give berberine a try before metformin, since both have been shown to be equally effective in reducing the biomarkers of this condition.

Martin Hum
PhD DHD Nutritionist
for Real Diabetes Truth "

I would recommend
Rather buying a supplement. Taking homeopathy form would be much better.
If you unable to find Q ( tincture ) any potency from 1x to 6c shall do the same as Q

Re:Berberis vulgaris & Carduus Marinus for Diabetes By: bala2009
tamil nadu
February 21 2017
yes, berbris is good remedy for sugar

Re:Berberis vulgaris & Carduus Marinus for Diabetes By: bell
May 14 2017
Resp. Lal Anar - Diabetes


The above article has some information relating to Diabetes I would like to know if Berberis will help me.

I have been diabetic since 2008? And am on 2 met for the same. The met has dropped my appetite so I have lost a tremendous amount of weight. I am 61 years of age.

Also if I remember correctly I had mentioned that I tried syngium but it did not do much. or perhaps i did not take it properly.

Now the dr. has done some blood work and the results are not back she said I have no body weight so she may stop me from the met.
I am hypothyroid 1 syntrhoid .25 mg and have bp no alloypathy pills are taken. The reading is 135/93 bp

I would like to try berberis please let me know as I have the berberis MT with me how many drops - how much of water - if I have to take it before meal time how many times a day.

Now I am also supplementing with Himalaya diabecon just started 2 days back hoping it would bring my reading down and the dr. would get rid of the met - I am a vegetarian.

What is berberine? Mentioned in the article
Appreciate your kind help. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Is there any brand name in particular i can get mine is bioforce.

Re:Berberis vulgaris & Carduus Marinus for Diabetes By: sam
May 14 2017
sir thanks about your thread about Berberis vulgaris & Carduus Marinus
sir can you give some knowledge about Homeopathic medicine Insulinum Q and Pancreatinum 30c is these replaced insulin human mixtard diabetes 2 ??????

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