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Food addiction - Dr Udaya Kumar att
Started by: atiefrep eduas at February 15 2017

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Food addiction - Dr Udaya Kumar att By: atiefrep eduas
February 15 2017

Re:Food addiction - Dr Udaya Kumar att By: atiefrep eduas
February 16 2017
Can food addiction be treated like a drug addiction?
Can homeopathy help with addiction? Giving more will power to face the bad habits?

Re:Food addiction - Dr Udaya Kumar att By: udaya kumar
February 17 2017
Glutton or voracious eating or canine hunger are mostly Iodium and other elements like phosphorus etc. imbalance and should be treated as such......but to say that eating food is an addiction is somewhat a malapropism because addiction happens where there is higher amount of ethereal presence in any substance.....edible or otherwise......Therefore, you can have addiction to certain kind of food but not the known edible foods or all foods in general. The addiction usually is a negative terminology.....Any medicine in concentration can be addictive as medicine have ethereal presence in it and therefore it is medicine.....any toxic substance in diluted form is a medicine....addiction happens when the toxicity of the highly medicinal value substance is consumed as such like any psychotropic substance is addictive where as in its micro or nano forms or diluted forms they are life saving medicines .....right from aspirin to dopomine to strichnine to Brucine are all examples of such substances. We have Cannabis Sativa, Agaricus Mus. et al in homeopathy in higher potencies which are excellent medicines while their material forms are addictive drugs....


Re: Food addiction - Dr Udaya Kumar att By: rishikamp
March 15 2017
I am addicted to fennel seeds..is there anything i can take to reduce the craving

Re:Food addiction - Dr Udaya Kumar att By: udaya kumar
March 15 2017
since you have used the word addicted ...it may not be to fennel seeds but to the quercetin contained within it ...it is almost 49 mg/per hundred grams which is a whole lot....Though it is very effective for various positive actions within the body excess usage may be proving and should be avoided.....Foeniculum sativum may be antidoted with Nux Vomica or Camphora.


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