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High Myopia
Started by: unrao at October 15 2016

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Re:High Myopia By: udaya kumar
December 3 2016
Yes you can but give enough gaps and do not use continuously but repeat after a few days gap for any long period.....


Re:High Myopia By: unrao
December 6 2016
Sir, You mentioned that we shall use the following 3 medicines and all can go together ....three granules or three drops constitute a dose.

1. Physostigma 30C
2. Gelsemium 30c
3. Phosphorus 30c

Sir, please clarify whether we can mix the liquid of all the 3 medicines in one bottle and give 9 drops each time for 3 times in a day or shall we keep it separately and put 3 drops each in a glass with small qty of water.

Sir, further he has squint problem in his left eye. please suggest some medicine and whether we can use that medicine along with the above medicines.


Re:High Myopia By: udaya kumar
December 6 2016
use Cina 30C for Squint....all medicines can go in one quarter glass of water.... best wishes.


Re:High Myopia By: unrao
April 10 2017
There is no recognisable proGressingham in the eye sight. We have been giving those medicines alternatively one after the other.
I have read you suggesting others for Myopia, Thuja 30 and Natrmur 30 three doses each one after the other for one.

Shall I give those medicines to my son? Please suggest.

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