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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Started by: Shri60 at December 9 2015

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Re:Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By: Shri60
May 12 2017
Good day Udayaji,
May be you missed my post of 9-May-17, sorry to keep you troubling all the time.
due to the perennial high ambient temprature of Pune these days is taking toll on my Fibromyalgia.

Experiencing a lot of body (muscular and tendon pain these days).

Especially experiencing pain in ---
1) Right side Neck (Rhomboid and Deltoid musclesPain)
2) Both Legs Extreme Pain in Calcaneal (Achilees) Tendon, have to keep massaging it continuously. (I get this pain quite frequently for last 25 years).
3) Pain of Tendons around both Knees.
4) All Tendons in Foot on sole and top side paining - for last 8 months.

Please note - Phosphorus 30C gives good relief.

Please advise
thanks and rgds

Re:Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By: udaya kumar
May 12 2017
use Oleander 30C three times a day for one day for right sided neck pain..... use Ledum Pal 30C three times a day for tendons and achiles


Re:Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By: Shri60
May 12 2017
Good Day Udayaji,
Many thanks will do as advised,

Re:Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By: udaya kumar
May 13 2017


Re:Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By: Shri60
May 22 2017
Good Day Udayaji,
Sorry could not reply earlier as took time to procure Oleandra 30, please note
1) Ledum Pal 30 - does give good relief to foot sole pain, but pain rises after some time without reason or notice - In that case I take Ledum Pal 30C as needed, only when pain increases.
2) Olandrea 30C also gave quite some relief for last 2 days.
3) Also doing some physiotherapy exercises for last one week.

Latest update :
1) There is stiffness and pain in the neck along cervical vertebra.
2) Some pain and stiffness has recently started in left side of neck, and some pain along left scapula.

Please advice,

Also need your advice regarding important nutrient assimilation.
### Please note -- I had quite traumatic childhood due to poverty, and there was lack of nutritious food for at-least a decade during the growing years, and excessive family responsibility, may be I am facing the consequences now.
1) As you know I have had Calc Carb in sufficient quantity.
2) Taking Phosphorous 30C intermittently as suggested which gives relief from aches and pains.
#### Please advice Which other essential Minerals/protein remedies I should take to correct assimilation deficiencies if any, which will help to counter act fibromyalgia aches, pains, disc degeneration, muscle flabbiness, etc.

##Will Silicea help for neck pain, foot sole pain, other rheumatic soft tissue pains, cramps etc

Awaiting your good advice
thanks and best rgds

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