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poor health
Started by: Jayashree at September 17 2013

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poor health By: Jayashree
Calcutta, India
September 17 2013
as the topic says i am suffering from bad health. am unable to control my urine and it will spurt out. I have diabetes, Peripheral and forgetting the bone disease. am in pain all the time, but main problem is inconitency. help

Jayashree Kanoi

Re:poor health By: udaya kumar
September 17 2013
Have you tried Insulinum 30C, Helonias, Cephalendra, Gymnema Sylvestre, or trichopus zeylanicus ( travancoricus) ?


Re:poor health By: Jayshree
September 23 2013
Have been unable to login for so long so changed my id.
Udaya am on Helonias. have taken Gymnema before. but no avail. helpless. I have Osteoporosis

Re:poor health By: udaya kumar
September 23 2013
Read this on osteoporosis, though I do not completely agree with him:

Following are some of the common medicines for osteoporosis:
Silicea, Calcarea carbonica, Calcarea phosphorica, Calcarea fluorica, Phosphorus and Natrum muriaticum.

Check Lactic Acid for Diabetes with Brittle bone, osteoporosis.


Re:poor health By: Jayshree
September 24 2013
Good names Udaya. Will try some

Re:poor health By: udaya kumar
September 25 2013
ok keep me posted jaya


Re:poor health By: Jayshree
September 30 2013
One remedy to share.. I am suffering from inconitency. But a single dose of Eupatorium Purp Q had stopped it. I have to take a dose in the late afternoon. it helps. But still not cured.

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