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Does contact with poison ivy antidote Rhus tox?
Started by: Clarity at September 11 2013

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Does contact with poison ivy antidote Rhus tox? By: Clarity
September 11 2013
I had read it on a list of antidotes for all remedies on a website.

The odd thing is I never come across poison ivy. Not for decades. But now I "happen" to have to help someone clean up their fence of it. I'm not allergic to it.

Another strange thing is when i was taking arsenicum alb, I suddenly had huge cravings for rice (which has arsenic in it). I almost never eat rice anymore. Given some time, the craving went away. I wonder if the body seeks to replace what it loses - whether it's good or bad?

Another question I have is that I use filtered water from a brita pitcher for my homeo tinctures. I found out that my city water has all kinds of chemicals. More than the usual. Below safety standards but higher than health dept recommendations. Things like dry cleaning chemicals, pesticides and the like. Water pitchers don't remove these substances. My question is - is it such a bad thing that I'm potentizing these chemicals? Aren't I actually removing them in the way arsenicum album removes arsenic? Like treats like as it goes in homeopathy. I wonder if this is why I'm getting aggravations with everything I take.

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