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scar tissue
Started by: cathygar at April 21 2013

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scar tissue By: cathygar
April 21 2013
Hi, Can someone please tell me what to take to help dissolve scar tissue.
my doctor found that I have scar tissue in my left lung and an inflammation of my esophagus , he gave me zyflamend ( a health supplement) but it is not working .
Can a homeopath here on pleae prescribe for me a remedy,
Gratefully Cathy

Re:scar tissue By: lal_anar
April 22 2013
Udaya is very experienced. Before, he reply. U can start with these remedies. take them alternate days

Ars Album 6c or 30c twice a day
Calc Flor 6c or 30c twice a day
Graphites 6c or 30c twice a day

This is how u should take the remedies.

Start with Ars Album, next day Calc Flor, 3rd day Graphites, after Graph come back to Ars Album repeat the same way.

Continue with them atleast a 2 weeks, report how u feel

Another remedy, Thiosinaminum the link here;

Re:scar tissue By: cathygar
April 22 2013
Thank You, thank You so much, Yes nI have these remedies you state.
I will start now , I thank you for your link, I did order that remedy also.
I am very grateful for your reply.

I will keep you posted
Gratefully Cathy

Re:scar tissue By: cathygar
April 24 2013
HI Lal Amar,
I just took one dose of the Thiosinaminum and did notice that my ears have become very sensitive to noise.
I did have this problem with my ears a few months ago, my ears had become very sensitive that peoples voices and my own voice used to bother me, giving me a panic attack.
I just noticed this now again, it could be coincidence or maybe this medicine is fixing a problem I have in the are as well?
How many doses of this remedy should I take and for how long?
Thank you Gratefully

Re:scar tissue By: udaya kumar
April 25 2013
return of symptoms after taking medicine is a prognosis towards cure. Thiosinaminum dissolves scar tissues as a specific medicine. As far as panic attack is concerned, use one dose of Aconitum 30C and few doses of hydrastis 30C and succinum 30C


Re:scar tissue By: cathygar
April 26 2013
I am taking the Thiosinaminum 4 pellets 3x daily,
I did order the succinum, I found succinum acidum is this the one?

I will keep you posted ,
I am very grateful to you Udaya and to you Lal Amar, for helping me.


Re:scar tissue By: udaya kumar
April 26 2013
There is no Acid factor. See the Link.
If you are overweight you may require calcarea carb and Iodium also. Iodium lower potencies for overweight and higher potencies for hyperthyroid.conditions....


Re:scar tissue By: cathygar
April 26 2013
I do not understand , is the remedy I ordered the wrong one?

Re:scar tissue By: lal_anar
April 27 2013
Its same thing Succinum or Succinum Acidicum.

Here is the little info regarding this med

" Succinum, Succinic Acid or Amber Acid has been used in Europe as a natural antibiotic and general curative for centuries.
Amber gems are believed to be a very powerful anti-oxidant that may help fight toxic free radicals and disruptions of the cardiac rhythm, succinic acid has been shown to stimulate the neural system recovery and strengthens the immune system, it also known to help compensate for energy drain in the body and brain, boosting awareness, concentration and reflexes, and reducing stress.

Even before scientists today discovered acids antibiotics, the people of Europe recognized that Baltic amber has curative powers. They used amber beads for their medicinal benefits when we today would use an antibiotic. They would use amber in many forms. They used amber bracelets, Baltic amber teething necklaces, powder, chips, stones, oils and smoke.

Now that modern science has discovered what succinic acid can do, they have confirmed what the people of Europe have known for centuries. The ancients wore natural Baltic amber teething necklaces, adults amber necklaces and amber bracelets, made from Baltic amber stones and chips that washed up on the shores of the Baltic Sea, the ancients believed that the Amber had magical curative powers. They surely had no idea that they were high in succinic acid, but they knew they worked magic on their ills.

In the middle ages when the devastating plagues overtook Europe, amber was used for fumigation. Burning amber is both aromatic and irritating at the same time. And that is due to the high content of succinic acid in the smoke. Even in today’s age aroma therapists use Amber smoke to try and help cure people. The people of Europe used the curative properties of amber in many ways. Recognizing its properties as an effective antibiotic, they have used, and continue to use it, for amber baby teethers, Baltic amber baby teething necklaces, spoons and pipe mouthpieces. Aristocrats of the 17th Century would brew tea in special amber containers knowing that the amber vessel it is brewed in would release something into the tea that would cure them of their ills.

European scientists and military doctors lead the way in following up on the ancient knowledge. They found that it would help improve the body’s immune system after exposure to radiation from industrial accidents.

Read more at this link

Re:scar tissue By: cathygar
April 28 2013
Thank you for sharing this information which I found it to be very informative.
I am very impressed in the remedies prescribed for me, for they seem to be targeting the problem.
The siccinum will arrive next week and I will take it ASAP. I am still on the Thiosinaminum 3 pellets 3x daily.

I have to ask you I what I can take for my ears they are very , very sensitive to noise. Today I went to diner and had to run out because the noise of the plates and voices was to much for me, My husband said that the noise was just normal , but to me it was tooo much, also the tv and peoples voices really bother me. I have a party to go to next month and I am afraid that if my ears do not get better I will not be able to go, the right ear bothers me, maybe my auditory nerve is inflamed.
Too sensitive to every noise even my own voice at times.
You are very knowledgeable and very precise with your remedies, please give me a remedy for my ears.
Thank you, thank You

Re:scar tissue By: udaya kumar
April 28 2013
nothing is wrong with your auditory nerves. It is the gastro intestinal disorders that creates subtle airs to go upwards and interferes with hearing and its acuteness. Succinic Acid is not the usual name used in homeopathic preparations. it is succinum.


Re:scar tissue By: cathygar
April 28 2013
Yes Udaya you are right .Now that I think It is all related because I do have GID, I cannot wear anything tight I feel like I cant breathe and when I drink liquids I bloat , I have cutting pain on my left side and always pain in the bottom abdomen in the middle
(under my belly button) radiating to my appendix, When I strain I feel pressure in my ears, So yes You are right they are all related. I take nux vom once in a while . you diagnosed me with precision, you are great.
Thank You

Re:scar tissue By: udaya kumar
April 29 2013
I suggested hydrastis for the purpose. Cutting Left side pain could mean the linings in the large or small intestine has flattened or corrosive. It could also mean colitis. Colocynthis is one medicine that can address cutting pains in abdomen. with best wishes.


Re:scar tissue By: cathygar
May 2 2013
Hi Lal Amar
wanted to know how long should I stay on the Thiosinaminum ?
I am taking it 3x daily, in a 30c
I did notice that when I walk I do breathe better, but not completely cured yet, but it is working.

Thank you so much

Re:scar tissue By: lal_anar
May 2 2013
when u start Succinum stop Thiosinaminum

and see how Succinum make u feel.

try Succinum at least two weeks, If u feel any aggravation and its not tolerable than take two doses of Nux Vomica 30c.

If aggravation is tolerable than generally its a good sign and no need to take Nux than.

Another good remedy for scars is


Re:scar tissue By: cathygar
May 2 2013
ok, thank you , will keep you posted

Re: scar tissue By: cathygar
May 9 2013

its ok By: cathygar
May 30 2013
Cathy Very Happy Very Happy

Re:scar tissue By: jaybird
January 31 2014
im reading about thiosinaminum for scar tissue..i was looking up ingredients in an external application looking for something that might educate me and help me personaly..i didnt know you can take it internally..doese that help with all scar tissue??i recently got serously ingured on my face..devastateing..im trying to heal..at least much better that i have..sooo ..i didnt evan want to get up..at all..ever again..id rather learn how to heal..help?

Re:scar tissue By: jaybird
January 31 2014
why doese it say thiosinaminum is from amber.and allso say it is from mustard seeds?

Re:scar tissue By: jaybird
January 31 2014
why doese it say thiosinaminum is from amber.and allso say it is from mustard seeds?

Re:scar tissue By: jaybird
January 31 2014
1. Age/Sex/Country/Climate:

2. Current complain - from how long:
scar tissue and the area around scar is pink and because of location wont move non plyable because of the scar therefore causeing a deformaty with movement..ingery accured in august 2013

3. Current medicine you are taking:
oils..aloe..i just started celsus but i dont know if i should trust it..erbal poultices..i just read about thiosinaminum..

4. Sign & Symptom of disease:
it looks ugly and is dis figureing and causeing me to not want to get up..or see people ..or be seen without a bandana covering half my face..causeing emotioal distress

5. Breif medical history:
was takeing meds for adhd.or add.havent taken much since injury..as it may hinder healing and am looking to find natural remedies..

6. Family Back Ground:

7. Education and Nature of Profession of Patient:
ged..diagnosed disabled..looking for natural remedies

8. Desires and aversion of food:
mostly healthy..depending..cheese..whole grains fish beans rice fruits fresh vegies..sometimes chicken ..sometimes vegatarian..or vegan..spicy hot or sweet like honey

9. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry..etc.:
nice sometimes irritable..haveing problems with concentration..lately at motivation..love children..properaffection..hard time trusting social situations much..tendancy to isolate

10. What makes it worse and what makes it better:
i can feel better to heal this scar tissue..it must be possible..it makes me feel unattractive..like not evan getting up..it hinders my hopes and dreams..because its on my face..and i want to find love..i would love to become a healer but first i must learn how to heal..that would make me feel better..I need people to learn

11. Thirst/Tongue/diabetic...:
water..erbal tea..sweet tooth honey..or whole sugar in tea

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