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Smaller waist with sunflower seeds
Started by: Pat2011 at January 14 2013

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Smaller waist with sunflower seeds By: Pat2011
January 14 2013
A fast and easy way to loose 5 centimeters or 2 inches off your waist is eating sunflower seeds. You can eat them raw or cooked alone or in food.

The chemical in the oil of sunflower seeds turns fat into muscle around the waist. You'll need to use a measuring tape to measure your waist as the reduction of size will not show up on the scale.

This chemical in sunflower seeds also suppresses appetite so it will help you lose weight also.

You have the option of purchasing safflower oil instead of the sunflower seeds.

Some supplements contain safflower oil and those will reduce your appetite as well.

Re:Smaller waist with sunflower seeds By: nabamna
January 15 2013
Can u please tell how much to eat a day...to achieve good results

Re:Smaller waist with sunflower seeds By: Pat2011
January 15 2013
At first, you will need to force yourself to eat the sunflower seeds anytime you're hungry. So you'll need to eat sunflower seeds almost every time you feel hungry. Eat as much as you want. Soon, you're appetite will reduce. In one or two months, you're appetite will be way down. But continue to eat sunflower seeds as snacks.

If you stop eating sunflower seeds, your waist will again get larger by 2 inches or 5 centimeters.

I don't have much experience with the safflower oil, but I would guess at least one to two tablespoons.

The amount will need to be adjusted by each person because there are different size people. Petite people with small bones need less food and larger boned people need more food.

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