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Dr.Udaya - lost sensation
Started by: darkof15 at October 12 2012

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Re:Dr.Udaya - lost sensation By: darkof15
April 20 2017
Hello Udaya Kumar and congratulation on the good work. Although I have not continued my thread on forum, I have followed your work with admiration and did some trials of my own, mainly on C30 potencies. Now it is time again to go online and I hope for your guidance.
Main issue is still the lost sensation on urging and low energy of abdomen area.

Let me report my findings:
First I have taken Hypericum C30 for nerves right arm nerve was inflamed from shoulder to small finger. After 2 weeks, the pain is almost completely gone (only when weather changes I still feel some slight pain).
After that, I have taken Alumina and Phosphorus for a week, both C30 (3 doses per day) together every day, only a gap of 1 hour between both remedies.
I took a break for a week and continued for 1 week with C200 (1 dose per day), again both remedies together with a gap of 1 hour.
Result was outstanding: the urging was back. Magic - after so many years it appears again. Unfortunately, the sensation did not last long (one day only), but I got the proof in which direction to go.

How to go on: higher potency or stay on lower potencies? Always both remedies (Alumina and Phos) together? Any other remedy? Was Hypericum helping to this combination? Kindly suggest.

Additionally I have to share with you another phenomenal result: I took 1 dose of Petroleum C30 and it was like somebody switch the light almost immediately my vision was completely clear. For explanation: I got very sensible on hpaty and with almost every remedy I take (even arnica), my vision get slightly unclear (especially near sided), although I still resist to wear glasses. Again, the effect was gone soon, so I need your suggestion how to go on as well.

Many thanks for your help.

Re:Dr.Udaya - lost sensation By: udaya kumar
April 21 2017
check the following medicines
1. causticum 30
2. cadmium sulph
3. xanthoxylum 30

try ayurvedic panchkarmas from eminent vaidyasalas for permanent cure


Re:Dr.Udaya - lost sensation By: udaya kumar
April 21 2017
you may raise the potency of alumina but keep phosphorus at 30c.....for blurring of eye sight use jaborandi 30c


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