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Should other medication be stopped
Started by: MAX VARMA at October 15 2006

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Should other medication be stopped By: MAX VARMA
New Delhi and Vancouver
October 15 2006
Idea Should you stop other medication while taking homeopathic meds?

Here is the official version of The British Homeopathic Association from their official website (FAQs):


Should I stop my other medication?

No. Homeopathic remedies can be safely taken along with other medicines. It can be very dangerous to stop a medicine which you have been using for some time. The remedies will not interfere with your other drugs. You will be able to reduce your other drugs if you begin to improve under the influence of the homeopathic ones.

B A C K to list.

Why have I heard that some homeopaths tell their patients to stop their other drugs?

It is very unusual for a qualified health care professional to give such an instruction. Some non-medically qualified homeopaths have been known to give such advice and it stems from their distrust of mainstream medicine. The reason they will give is that some drugs can inhibit the effects of the homeopathic remedies. It is true that some drugs can produce such an inhibitory effect, particularly steroids and other drugs which suppress the immune system. However, experienced homeopathic practitioners will tell you that it is still possible to see the remedies produce good effects in the face of these drugs. Drugs should only be stopped when it is deemed they are no longer clinically necessary.


Pankaj Varma

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