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Scabies and long term use of staphysagria 30c
Started by: Feeling Better at June 30 2012

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Scabies and long term use of staphysagria 30c By: Feeling Better
Port Saint Lucie
June 30 2012
On April 15, 2012 I was diagnosed with scabies: those damn itch mites. I have no idea where I contracted it. On a Topix scabies forum I learned about someone was treating themself with 1 pellet staphysagria30cin the am and 1 pellet psorimum30c in the pm with great success. I immediatley went out and bought staphysagria30c, before ordering the psorinum30c. On Day 1 and Day 2, I took 1 staphysagria30c pellet every 4hours, because I was worried about possible side effects, but it did nothing at that low dose. On Day 3, I took 5 pellets 3x a day as stated on the vial and it was miraculous! The scabie mites stopped biting me by the end of Day 3 and 5 egg casings were expelled from my legs, late on Day 4.

You never appreciate your health until you lose it. I am so grateful that I found something to help cure me but I am concerned about how safe it is to take daily for 4-6 weeks until all the mites and their eggs have died.

I have reduced the dosage to taking the Staphysagria30c to 5 pellets 2x a day about 8 hours apart:9am amd 5pm. I take a shower or bath with sulpher soap just before bed so I don't get bit overnite as far as I seen. (if I wait 9 hours or longer the mites start to bite again.) Someone on the other forum thought I was taking too much at 15 pellets a day and felt I would over stimulate my immune system. Will I? Is it safe for me to take this amount for an extended amount of time?

Overall I am a healthy individual with a calm disposition. Should I gradually reduce the staphysagria30C over time? Is Psorinum safer or better for treating scabies? Should I switch to Psorinum30c or do in combination with the staphysgria and how much would you recommend? Or shall I just stay the course I'm on? So far so good, I think I'm on Day 8 or 9.

Amazing thing is my teenage son who lives with me has not been infected. I suspect we have different pheremone scents that make me more appealing to these darn mites. Should I treat him if he has no symtoms?

Re:Scabies and long term use of staphysagria 30c By: udaya kumar
July 1 2012


Re:Scabies and long term use of staphysagria 30c By: Feeling Better
Port Saint Lucie
July 1 2012
I googled the above link that speaks of the wonders of Staphysagria.

Evidently this remedy Staphysagria has been used for centuries for parasites, but the general public and medical practitioners (MD DO) do not know of it. Even today Staphysagria is touted for other curative properties and not parasite control. ( I read somewhere Staphysagra works on lice as well)

My doctor prescribed Permethrin Cream which originally killed the mites, only for me to be reinfected by my environment. I was still irresistable to those darn mites. It also made my skin ultra sensitive to the mite bites.

Scabie mites have a sharp stinging bite as they quickly pierce and burrow into your skin. You feel as if you are being pricked with a sharp pin. As soon as you feel them, they are in your skin and laying eggs. They are microscopic, the larger ones are about the size of a grain of fine sand. And they reproduce madly. It's exhaustive to clean them out of your life.

I am happy to say Staphysagria repels the mites on me, so now they won't lay their eggs in me and eventually die off, without a host.

I would have thought someone here would have heard of this remedy and know a little more about it. Sad to learn there are skeptics even here.

Re:Scabies and long term use of staphysagria 30c By: Geralyn_D
September 20 2012
I found this thread doing a search for Staphysagria for a seemingly unrelated reason and did look at the link Feeling Better posted and It IS fascinating how many areas I that seem to need this on.

Thanks for posting it FB. I wish you had posted how you used the homeopathic treatment. What dose how long etc. I have used a variety of homeopathics and find them one of the safest treatment modalities(use as directed w/o fear), usually the worst that happens is that it simply does nothing due to being the wrong one prescribed. It is not a chemical poison as most medications can be. As noted above, people in the same household do not SUFFER from the scabies the same way. I do not know if they simply avoid these folks but grrr.... I wish it was me they avoided! maybe staphysagria is the key?!

Things I have found that absolutely work... Mix 1 quart of warm water with 1/4-1/2 cup borax and a good squeeze of castile soap (peppermint a fave). I sit in the shower and spread this liquid mix over every inch of me with an exfoliating glove,( a loofa or sponge might work as well). Stay wet with it 5 minutes and then rinse (no other soaping is needed). I have put into the ears and nostrils with my pinky even rubbing into the eyelashes(carefully). I use also on the scalp if they seem to have made it that far up. I really have to do this after working in the garden and handling soil.

You will need fresh clothing washed with borax and soap(soak 30 minutes) then cycle and dry. Clean bedding(vaccuumed and powdered with diatomaceous earth (1 quart) mixed with Cedarwood essential oil (one ounce) Mixed well. Lightly but thoroughly cover mattress(etc), favorite recliner, office chair and carpeting to kill the mites where they fall to or crawl. Do not breath this in! If they are hatching from within (3-4 am seems to be a favorite time) jump up and do this routine plus fresh bedclothes and linens. UGH! but doable...

I accidently introduced cattle scabies by bringing fresh cow manure from a local farm to make a special type of compost. I rue the day but there is no going back now. Also burn off every bit of leaf cover where you walk as they spread up your pants legs quite easily.

My local physician swore that scabies could not live off a human more than a few days. A friend told me of her young son getting scabies along with his whole class the first week at a newly built grade school in British Guiana . The punchline was that it was built on old cattle farm land. So these are persistant in the soil. The same routine works for straw itch mites(straw and pinestraw, mulch) if you can stay sane enough to apply it you can get control of things.

Please tell us how you did the homeopathic as well. We need to have an arsenal against these things. They do pick on those who have been ill so please, let's add to our knowledge base to work with.

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