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Started by: shiva at May 15 2012

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ASCITES By: shiva
May 15 2012
Here is a case of a patient suffering from Ascites since last one year due to chronic alcoholism. Conventional treatment with Salt restriction, Diuretics and beta blocker are being used last one year. It is observed that the abdominal distension and swelling of legs were reduced .The said medicines were stopped temporarily to avoid further reduction in weight and fluid loss .But after a month again fluid accumulation in abdomen and swelling of legs are increased. As a result, the said medicines are started again and are in use.. At present , the patient complains of - progressive abdominal heaviness and pressure as well as shortness of breath ( with little exertion), well visible distended abdomen, cramps in legs , particularly after sitting for a long time , he feels tremendous pain on legs which restrict him to move even a step forward. Serum Sodium level is reduced to 122. Can we use homeopathy medicines to this this patient in place of conventional treatment.
1.Age :62 , Male , 62 kg .
2.Cause of Ascites : Chronic alcoholism
3.Stage of ascites : Gr.1
4. Ultra sonography report—Suboptimal retroperitoneal window due to bowel gases.
a)Hepatomegly with diffusely coarsened & heterogeneous echotexture—correlation with LFT suggested.
b)Thickened GB walls.
c)Diffusely reduced pancreatic echotexture.
d) Ascites
5 CT Scan – report. –whole abdomen :Irregular and coarse morphology of liver, ascites+
a)Irregular & coarse morphology of liver with are in keeping with chronic liver diseases with moderate ascites.
b)Few enlarged abdominal lymphadenopathy.
c) Portal vein is not dilated & is patient.
d) Name of the allopathic drugs used so far and progress thereof
Lasix40, Aaldactone100, Viboliv500, Inderal 40, Amifru, Ivit plus, Librium, Torfix 200, surbex T,
Progress---water accumulation restricted and Swelling of legs reduced, weight loss about 5kg
7 Blood Test results
SGPT :--42
P time---20.4(11.4). INR-1.91
Blood sugar—86 (F) /94 (PP)
Bilirubin—4.2(2.6 and 1.6)
8 Some symptoms :
Mind : Restless, Irritable.
Pain in stomach : No
Fever : No
Chills : Yes
Gas formation : yes
Nausea/vomiting : Occasionally
Diarrhoea – Occasionally, lasting for 2-3 days
Constipation – Occasionally
Loose / soft stool / watery stool— All happen occasionally, twice a day
Colour of stools : Yellow
Any discharge of blood from any orifices. Occasionally with stools , Piles also exists
Mouth : Burning in mouth with patches or small ulcers
Headache : Occasionally on back of head
Cough :Yes , chest congested
Dyspnoea(breathlessness) : Occurs frequently on movement and little physical exertion.
Tongue – Whitish coated, slight impression on pressing the teeth n the tongue.
9. Blood pressure and pulse rate. –112/72..----74
10 Urine output daily : 6-7 times
11 Colour of Eyes, nails : Yellowish eye, whitish nail
12 Present complaints.—Water accumulation on abdomen . sometime it is reducing and sometime again increasing, cramps in legs, shortness of breathe occasionally on little exertion.

Kindly suggest the course of treatment .
With regards

Re:ASCITES By: shiva
May 17 2012
Udaya kumar ji,
Kindly look into this case and advise me accordingly.
with regards

Re:ASCITES By: udaya kumar
May 17 2012
use the following medicines :

Start treatment with Nux Vomica 30C three times a day for three days. Thereafter use:

1. Selenium 30C
2. Carduus Mar Q
3. Chelidonium Q
4. Boerhavia diffusa Q

Nux can be continued as long as required. All the three Mother tinctures can be used together with 5 drops in one ounce water three times a day. If there is vomiting of ascites use higher dose of Carduss M . He has to completely stop alcohol. with best wishes.


Re:ASCITES By: shiva
May 18 2012
Thanks for your advise. Shall we stop using the allopathy drugs - Lasix and Aldactone while using the above homeo-medicines ? He has stopped taking alcohol . Can we add any medicine to stop his urge for alcohol permanently ?
with regards

Re:ASCITES By: udaya kumar
May 21 2012
Do not suddenly stop Lasix and Aldactone.You can give them side by side and when nausea or loose motion if any is stopped then Lasix and Aldactone can be weaned out. Usually single doses of Cardus M stops it. He needs plenty of Nux Vomica to remove the ill effects of drinking alcohol and that will also give him necessary will power to stop using it. Other medicine that can help remove craving of alcohol alongwith Nux is Avena Sativa Q. Nux will also prevent Scirrhosis of liver due to alcohol consumption. with best wishes.


Re:ASCITES By: shiva
May 24 2012
Nux Vom 30 three times a day for three days are used. Can we start now Selenium 30C alongwith the Carduus Mar Q + Chelidonium Q + Boerhavia diffusa Q simultaneously ? Yes, watery type loose motion occurs very frequently without vomiting. Lasix and Aldactone are also in use . How we can use Nux vom 30 for a long period ?
With regards,

Re:ASCITES By: udaya kumar
May 24 2012
You can use Nux as long as you wanted. Selenium can be started along with other indicated medicines. Carduus will stop the loose motion. It is the ascites drainage. You can stop Lasix and Aldactone if you so wish for a couple of days. Lasix to my knowledge should not be used when there is a Liver disease or Cirrhosis. Aldactone also has that caution to some extent.


Re:ASCITES By: shiva
May 31 2012
Selenium 30C alongwith the Carduus Mar Q + Chelidonium Q + Boerhavia diffusa Q are in use since last six days. Lasix and Aldactone are stopped totally. Urine output is now reduced and its colour is light yellow. Stool is hard and constipated now a days. Can we use allopathy laxative (Duphalac) ? No improvement in abdominal distention .Can we use Nux Vom 200 one dose every night along with the above medicines. How many days we can continue the above medicines at a stress ? Kindly advise me further. With regards.

Re:ASCITES By: udaya kumar
May 31 2012
Nux Vomica should be repeated for long time. It can go well with other medicines. You may stop Carduus and Chelidonium for time time being and repeat then three doses a day once in a week at higher potency of 200C or 30C. Sleneium and Boerhavia can continue for yet another week. with regards.


Re:ASCITES By: shiva
June 1 2012
Thanks. Above medicines will be used as per your prescribed schedule. Following problems are appeared since last evening- loose watery stool with fetid smell 4-5 times, pain in lower abdomen below navel, severe headache particularly on forehead, bloating with fetid smell and mild fever. One dose Arsenic alb 30 is used at night and loose motion is stooped . The usual dose of Nux Vom 30 is started from today morning. But the headache on whole head with severity on forehead still exists. Do we require to add any further medicines ?

Re:ASCITES By: udaya kumar
June 1 2012
Is the stools green colour or brownish red or black? You may use Arsenic Album 30C anytime when there is loose motion. Pulsatilla 30C can also be used. with best wishes.


Re:ASCITES By: shiva
June 3 2012
An update :
- The loose motion is stopped by Arsenic Alb 30c .
- Stool is light yellow colour only
-Carduus 200c and Chelidonium 200c both two doses a day once in a week are started.
-Sleneium 30c and Boerhavia Q thrice a day are in used
- Nux Vom 30 ia being used occasionally
- Headache is got relieved by Belladona 30c ( It is a sure shot remedy of the patient for any headache)
- Lasix and Aldactone are stopped.

* Urine output is low which is light yellow color
* Stool sometimes hard and sometimes loose
* Abdominal is slowly distending again
* There is great swelling around the navel. ( It is told that the cause is the side effect of Amifru- (Furosemide/Amiloride) which was used prior to Aldactone. Stoppage of Aldactone has reduced the swelling slightly.
* Feeling heaviness and discomfort on stomach after meal alongwith bloating .
Do we require any medicine to increase the urine output.
with regards

Re:ASCITES By: udaya kumar
June 3 2012
Use China 30C three times for one day. Taraxacum Q could be added in between.


Re:ASCITES By: shiva
June 8 2012
Following medicines are in use
-Carduus 200c and Chelidonium 200c both two doses a day once in a week .
-Sleneium 30c and Boerhavia Q thrice a day for another one week
- Nux Vom 30 occasionally
-China 30 used three doses
At present stomach problem is reduced. There is no improvement in swelling of abdomen, a sign of short of breathe after little exertion is noticed.The swelling around navel is also not reduced which is learnt to be is a case of umbilical hernia due to Ascites. Doctor has suggested for abdominal paracentesis to drain out fluid and surgery for umbilical hernia. Can we use any homeo medicines to avoid the above operation? Kindly advise me further.
with regards

Re:ASCITES By: shiva
July 11 2012
Dear udayakumar ji,
Due to severity of the symptoms , the patient is admitted to hospital to drain out the fluid from the abdomen which was creating breathing problem . After draining out about five litres of fluid the “banding” of varices are done. But surprisingly on the fourth day he started blood vomiting and he remained completely unconscious for two days and remained under life support.About 10 units blood plazma are given to him. Now, he is still in hospital and seems to be ok apparently and can talk with others in low voices. But doctors says his blood pressure remains unsteady through out the day and falls down to 80/55 occasionally, another four ltrs fluid are taken out 3 days back. His blood bilirubin count is increased to 13 from 4.2 (before going hospital). There is no further bleeding in abdomen but he can not pass urine without catheter . In nutshell , there was some infection in abdomen which was treated with antibiotic but the bilirubin count is increasing. Doctor says he is very much concern for the high value of bilirubin but unable to reduce it.
We are very much concern for his survival with this very high value of Bilirubin .I appeal to you to suggest some homeopathy medicines to do some miracle to the patient.
with warm regards

Re:ASCITES By: udaya kumar
July 11 2012
Use MYRICA CERIFERA Q 10 drops in one ounce water three times.


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