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Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies
Started by: dr dutta at October 12 2006

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Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies By: dr dutta
October 12 2006
Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies

This is the complete list of duration of action of remedies, which Gibbon compiled and appeared in Boerick. This is also supposed to claim the first compilation.

Remedy---name---------Duration of Action of Remedies

Aceticum acidum 14-20
Aconitum napellus 3-4
Aesculus hippocastanum 30
Agaricus muscarius 40
Agnus castus 8-14
Alcohol - Aethanolum 20-30
Allium cepa 1
Aloe socotrina 30-40
Alumen long
Alumina - Argilla 40-60
Ambra grisea 40
Ammonium carbonicum 40
Ammonium muriaticum 20-30
Anacardium orientale 30-40
Angustera vera 20-30
Antimonium crudum 40
Antimonium tartaricum 20-30
Argentum metallicum 30
Argentum nitricum 30
Arnica montana 6-10
Arsenicum album 60-90
Arum triphyllum 1-2
Asafoetida 20-40
Asarum europum 8-14
Asclepias tuberosa 40-60
Aurum metallicum 50-60
Baptisia tinctoria 6-8
Baryta carbonica 40
Belladonna 1-7
Berberis aquifolium 20-30
Bismuthum subnitricum 20-50
Borax veneta 30
Bovista 7-14
Bromum 20-30
Bryonia alba 7-21
Cactus grandifloris 7-10
Caladium seguinum 30-40
Calcarea carbonica 60
Calcarea phosphorica 60
Camphora officinarum 1
Cannabis indica
Cannabis sativa 1-10
Cantharis vesicatoria - Lytta 30-40
Capsicum annuum 7
Carbo animalis 60
Carbo vegetabilis 60
Causticum Hahnemanni 50
Chamomilla vulgaris 20-30
Chelidonium majus 7-14
Cicuta virosa 35-40
Cimicifuga racemosa 8-12
Cina - Artemsia maritima 14-20
Cinchona officinalis - China 14-21
Clematis erecta 14-20
Cobaltum nitricum 30
Cocculus indicus 30
Coffea cruda-arabica 1-7
Colchicum autumnale 14-20
Collinsonia canadensis 30
Colocynthis 1-7
Conium maculatum 30-50
Crocus sativus 8
Crotalus horridus 30
Croton tiglium 30
Cuprum metallicum 40-50
Cyclamen europaeum 14-20
Digitalis purpurea 40-50
Dioscorea villosa 1-7
Drosera rotundifolia 20-30
Dulcamara 30
Eupatorium perfoliatum 1-7
Euphorbium officinarum 50
Euphrasia officinalis 7
Ferrum metallicum 50
Fluoricum acidum 30 or 1-7
Gelsemium sempervirens 30
Glonoinum 1
Graphites 40-50
Guaiacum officinale 40
Helleborus niger 20-30
Hepar sulphuris calcareum 40-50
Hyoscyamus niger 6-14
Hypericum perforatum 1-7
Ignatia amara 9
Iodum 30-40
Ipecacuanha 7-10
Kali bichromicum 30
Kali carbonicum 40-50
Kali iodatum 20-30
Kali nitricum 30-40
Kali sulphuricum 45 written in
Kalmia latifolia 7-14
Kreosotum 15-20
Lachesis muta 30-40
Laurocerasus 4-8
Ledum palustre 30
Lilium tigrinum 14-20
Lycopodium clavatum 40-50
Magnesia carbonica 40-50
Magnesia muriatica 40-50
Magnesia sulphurica
Magnetis polus arcticus
Magnetis polus australis
Mancinella 30-40
Manganum aceticum 40
Marum verum teucrium
Menyanthes trifoliatia 14-20
Mephitis putorius 1
Mercurius vivus 30-60
Mezereum 30-60
Millefolium 1-3
Moschus moschiferus 1
Muriaticum acidum 35
Natrum carbonicum 30
Natrum muriaticum 40-50
Nitricum acidum 40-60
Ntr-sul ? 30-40
Nux moschata 60
Nux vomica 1-7
Oleander 20-30
Opium 7
Paris quadrifolia 2-4
Petroleum 40-50
Phosphoricum acidum 40
Phosphorus 40
Platina metallicum 35-40
Plumbum metallicum 20-30
Podophyllum peltatum 30
Psorinum 30-40
Pulsatilla nigricans 40
Ranunculus bulbosus 30-40
Ranunculus sceleratus 30-40
Rheum officinale 2-3
Rhododendron chrysanthum 35-40
Rhus toxicodendron 1-7
Ruta graveolens 30
Sabadilla officinarum 20-30
Sabina juniperus 20-30
Sambucus nigra 1
Sarsaparilla 35
Secale cornutum 20-30
Selenium 40
Senega - Polygala senega 30
Sepia officinalis 40-50
Silicea terra 40-60
Spigelia anthelmia 20-30
Spongia marina tosta 20-30
Squilla maritima- Scilla 14-20
Stannum metallicum 35
Staphysagria 20-30
Strontium carbonicum 40
Sulphur 40-60
Sulphuricum acidum 30-40
Taraxacum officinale 14-21
Tellurium 30-40
Teucrium marum verum 14-21
Theridion curassavicum 30
Thuja occidentalis 60
Valeriana officinalis 8-10
Veratrum album 20-30
Verbascum thapsus 8-10
Viola odorata >2-4
Viola tricolor 8-14
Zincum metallicum 30-40

Boerick says, duration of action of remedies of Ars Alb is above 60-90 days, see above, but B-hausen said, it is upto 36 days and to my observation, in 30C it only remain in action four days and rarely for fifteen days in high potency in acutes.

The materia medica pura says, “The duration of the action of large doses of rhus extends over six weeks, that of small doses is less proportionally to the smallness of the dose. On account of this long duration of action the preliminary homoeopathic aggravation of symptoms is also of longer duration than with most other vegetable drugs; so that in the employment of even the smallest doses we often do not observe the amelioration until after the lapse of twenty-four hours after taking the medicine. Hence, as with every other medicine, so especially in the selection of this one, the homoeopathic rule must be strictly followed. The injurious effects of an erroneous selection are often removable by bryonia, sometimes by sulphur, at other times by camphor or raw coffee, according to the untoward symptoms produced.”

Re: Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies By: MAX VARMA
New Delhi and Vancouver
October 13 2006
Thanks for sharing !!

There is only one religion....called mankind.
There is only one law....the law of Karma
There is only one God....He is everywhere and with everyone and knows everything.

Re: Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies By: desert
February 21 2008
good reading

Re: Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies By: sajjadakram
February 22 2008
Thank you Dr Dutta,
Duration of action is only a clinical observation.It all depends on the severity of the disease.

Re: Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies By: gavinimurthy
February 22 2008
Here is the complete Gibson Miller's list with complimentaries, antidotes and duration of action.


Save it to your hard disk.


Re: Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies By: PAT2006MPW
February 22 2008
Thanks, Murthy, nice list.

You must share some more of your secrets. Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Re: Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies By: mercedes
February 22 2008
There are remedies that are known to be of short duration (which some call acute remedies), and others are of longer duration (which some call chronic). But each person will also respond very differently. I mean there are cases where a person may develop proving symptoms that last for very very long after an incorrect remedy was repeated too frequently and in too high a potency.

Re: Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies By: gavinimurthy
February 22 2008
Yes, Mercedes

The duration of action is not a pre determined thing. It depends on the sensitivity of the patient to that particular medicine, the gravity and nature of the disease , to name just two parameters.

There are many more to be considered.

Many homeopaths are good at selecting the medicine based on the materia medica knowledge, but they fail to cure.They bungle up the case in following up.Either they don't understand the other important aspect, the philosophy of homeopathy, or find it too bothersome to master.

Those few homeopaths who have the desire to study all the three branches of homeopathy, Materia medica, Philosophy and the repertory with due deligence are likely to be the most succesful.


Re: Duration of Action of Homeopathy Remedies By: gavinimurthy
February 22 2008
Hi Pat

Strangely this list though available in printed books (Annexture to Beoricke and Kent's repertories) , is not available on the net so far.

Dr.Firuzi Mehta took the trouble of scanning it and putting it on her website. I may add that I gave that suggestion.


As far as I know this is the only place where it is available on the net so far.


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