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Violent supra
Started by: HQamar at December 31 2011

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Violent supra By: HQamar
December 31 2011
Dear Udaya Kumar,Rana,shouse_nsk,

Pls advise about ,"Violent supra" found in Osmium Met..


Re:Violent supra By: udaya kumar
December 31 2011
There are no violent supra in Osmium Met. There are only "Violent Supra-orbital and Infra-orbital neuralgia" . The meaning of supra may be understood as above, over, beyond and infra may be understood as below, under, inside. Orbit is the eye socket, and there is also supra orbital foramen which is directly under the eye brow.

Having said that the Osmium factor I would analyze as under. Osmium is densest metal. Iridium which is next to it are used in ancient temples as the top most structure pointing towards sky. Essentially this seems to have the function of tapping the cosmic energy into the consecrated idol after prana prathistha (after the divine soul has been established in the Vigraha(idol). This would be a continuous recharge of the cosmic consciousness into the microconsciousness established within that as divine soul. The possibility of Iridium used as an arrester there because of its affinity with the ethereal Gross element or Gross Spirit. The substances of that stature do have more ethereal presence in them or more purified ethereal presence in them that they have more affenity with the External Ether within the Space, we call by name God.
It is a well know fact that the Metal Osmium has a very high Oxydising capacity and does have high affenity for the life giving element Air Oxygen. The next element after Oxygen as far as human beings are concerned is Ether which is the first principle of Life whereas Oxygen or Air is the second principle of Life. The same affenity of Osmium with Oxygen makes it the opposite to other poisonous gases and therefore are succeptible to become a poison very quickly on exposure to Air. The dust of Osmium would turn poison on exposure to air.

Osmium tetroxide exhibits the +8 oxidation state and is the most common compound of Osmium. This is highly toxic compound. Osmium tetroxide is formed when powdered osmium is exposed to air. Osmium tetroxide is highly volatile.It can penetrate skin readily. It is highly toxic if you inhale, ingest, or on skin contact. Can cause lung congestion, skin damage and eye damage. All these shows the affinity of the Ethereal content within this metal to the Ethereal content within the body and ethereal quality of absorbing through the solids like human body, and can help in recognizing the contents and affenity from the parts of the body effected. Like eyes and lungs. Lungs because it is having oxygen to which this metal has high affenity and eyes because the lense of the eye is nothing but condensed or crystalised ether. Similarly, when we look at its presence in the igneous deposits and impact craters, one is compelled to presume it is an alien mass and not a formation within the earth. No doubt the violent neralgia within the most stubtle and important part of the human body formed from a subnuclear fusion of Air and fire with Ether as its lightening capacity of vision powered by Fire is favourably and quickly corrected by Osmium which is akin to these three Finer elements or Nature and Cosmos.

with best wishes and regards.


Re:Violent supra By: HQamar
January 1 2012
"here are only "Violent Supra-orbital and Infra-orbital neuralgia" . "

Dear Udaya Kumar,
Many thanks for your high level understandings..
and I quoted your comments :"here are only "Violent Supra-orbital and Infra-orbital neuralgia" . "..pls see the link where I find "Violent supra" and I think your comments is related with my asking.

For Gluacoma ( where a old 75+ yrs male lost his one eyesight and going to losing another one...caught by Gluacoma...may Osmium may help him ..he has no pain or any symptoms...just see unclear...any suggestions..pls,,,

Best rgds,

Re:Violent supra By: udaya kumar
January 1 2012
Dear Kamrulji,
I was only trying to clarify to you that "Violent Supra" does not carry any meaning in English language. Only Violent Supra Orbital Neuralgia carry meaning.
Let me repeat what I said. It is only grammatical way of writing English. The violent "Supra" has to be read with "Infra" also as hyphenated e.g. Violent Supra-orbital and/or violent Infra-orbital.

Yes Osmium is curative in Glaucoma because Glaucoma is one of the eye symptoms in the medicine Osmium. Since it is toxic in its compound form Osmium tetroxide, Osmium is capable of creating Glaucoma due to its affinity with eye ball and eye sight. That was what I was trying to explain.

The medicine would be useful if symptom pictures agree. The medicine have to be either fully agreeing with the symptoms of the patient or it would be a trial and error method where it may yield or may not yield results. The patient symptoms and the physicians judgement would be important in prognosis. with best wishes and regards.


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