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Excellent info each cell salt by experienced Homeopath 10) NAT PHOS
Started by: lal_anar at November 11 2011

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Excellent info each cell salt by experienced Homeopath 10) N By: lal_anar
November 11 2011
10- Nat Phos (Sodium Phosphate)
Acid Balance – Excessive acid, Acidity:
Nat Phos people are very sensitive to acid foods. “ I can’t eat oranges – it makes me acid ” Mouth sores or aggravation from eating acid foods.
Helps people on high protein diets, diets high in uric acid such as the “Atkin’s Diet”.
Good for coffee drinkers to balance the acidity of the coffee.
Gout - from too much uric acid.
Detoxification and Fasting:
A great tissue salt to use for detoxification. An acid / alkaline balancer. Nat Phos taken with Kali Phos are good for fasting and detoxification Kali Phos calms you down and Nat Phos helps you eliminate toxins.
Alkaline is life giving- High acid; acid foods, grains and proteins are acid forming.
Hangover – Nat Phos (with Nux Vomica)
Urinary and Female:
A great kidney remedy – Kidney’s are a fluid balancing organ.
Cystitis – Bladder infections especially from eating acidic foods or beverages, alcohol induced bladder infections from drinking alcoholic beverages.
The herbs goldenseal and uva ursi work better in an alkaline environment to fight infection – take Nat Phos with them to increase their effectiveness.
Vaginitis from too much yeast or acid foods in the diet. The mucosa in the vagina gets too acid.
Children and Parasites:
Worms – a good remedy for children & babies and animals for worms. (Cina is the #1 remedy) 30X given frequently for a few days. Aggravated by the full moon- the worms are hatching
Grinding of the teeth, picking of the nose. (Aurum Triph excessive picking of the nose)
Biting of fingernails Nat Mur (emotional) Nat Phos – worms.
Tantrums – it could be worms or acid condition of the blood or kidneys
Food and Digestion:
Big appetite with little gain of weight – Nat Phos & Cina
Food Allergies – serious food allergies Nat Phos can help the body deal with them.
Dysentery & Diarrhea NBWS (never have been well since).
Yellow coating at the back of the tongue. Sour smell coming of the baby or a person has a sour smell coming off their body.
Blisters on the tip of the tongue, with stinging in the evening.
Blood Sugar:
A good remedy for Diabetes #1 Cell salt for Diabetes (Phosphorus is the main homeopathic remedy) It may help lower the dose needed by 5 to10 units of insulin.
Big Thirst, Big Urination.
Sensitive to sugar and sweets. Low blood sugar & hypoglycemic problems( Arnica 30-C may also be taken for hypoglycemia along with Nat Phos )
Hives, especially of the ankles.
Loss of fluids – since bleeding, hemorrhaging, dehydration also see (Nat Mur)

Re:Excellent info each cell salt by experienced Homeopath 10 By: CSTSW
March 27 2015
Nat phos seems to help with heart burn

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