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Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes
Started by: lal_anar at September 29 2011

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Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: lal_anar
September 29 2011
i m new learning homeopathy.

I hope Udaya can add some more in to this.

My experience with some patients when they complaint of muscle cramps and they were diabetic.

I gave them Mag Phos 6x 4-10 tabs dissolved in hot water.

One patient informed, he took Mag Phos 6x before breakfast in hot water, never felt anything unhealthy. He thought he took his metformin, When came home he found he never took metformin that day.

Came home checked his sugar level it was 93 mg.dl

This time we repeated the same intentionally and results were same. Another diabetic informed the same story.

I can not confirm if Mag Phos is especially effective early morning empty stomach or it same if we take it any time during the day

Question is how Mag Phos Helps ?

materia medica says Mag Phos helps body in increasing blood flow and relaxing muscles.
Diabetics have low blood flow and body cells unable to absorb insulin.

Re:Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: lal_anar
September 29 2011
these patients are also taking Arnica 6-c in wet dose twice a day.

Re:Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: udaya kumar
September 30 2011
Magnesium and Phosphates. Magnesium ions are good in manipulating important biological polyphosphate compounds like ATP, DNA, and RNA. Innumerable enzymes thus require magnesium ions to function. The lack of functioning, ill functioning, malfunctioning of the subtle airs, liquids, and subatomic particles are fundamental to all morbid conditions. If they are from the RNA and DNA or genetically mutated, they do convert to chronic ailments like Diabetes, heart ailments, and syndromes of various kinds, and various levels of developmental problems like autism, spastic children and the like.
In homeopathy the ionisation through dilution and potencies, do act at much more subtle energy levels.

When we talk about cramps we are talking about muscles, we are talking about water, and hydration or dehydration, we are talking about solubility of Magnesium in water and therefore its capacity to attract water into the intercellular space averting a situation of cramps from dehydration. Whereas Magnesium Phosphate has a more wider role to play.
Magnesium phosphate is found in the brain, spinal cord, heart, liver, lungs, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, intestines, thyroid gland, as well as the nerve and muscle cells. That itself shows that Mag Phos is capable of correcting the problems and ailments and morbid conditions in those areas. That includes the pancrease and therefore some cases of diabetis would respond to the therapy of Magnesium Phosphate in a large way.

The fundamental symptom of Mag Phos in homeopathy is pain and that too drawing pain or radiating pain or neuralgia. Meaning mostly the nerve is involved and pain is ofcourse caused by the blockage of subtle air.

Thyroid, splean, pancrease when imbalanced or damaged would damage or imbalance all other glands. Inversely, when there is a genetic mutation as visible in the absence of mag phos in the dna and rna which are major regions of its function, it should be understood that those defects would blossom into imbalancing or damaging the whole endorcrine system. And the same magphos which is cause would become the cure when used in ionised subatomic particles as we do in homeopathic potency or the succusion method in homeopathy. I think so.


Re:Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: kamar
October 25 2011
would you like to update the progress of your patient till date whether person is type 1 or type 2
pl reply

Re:Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: kamar
October 27 2011
pl give more updates regarding said patient .Dr Udaykumar explained in detail if that is the cause of many diabetics then it will benefit a lot
so reply

Re:Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: lal_anar
October 27 2011
Patient is taking Mag Phos 6x twice a day and slowly getting off metformin. Patient has not stopped metformin completely.
I told Patient to reduce the dose and see if any changes. Suddenly stopping of allopathic meds is not a good idea.
so far sugar balanced is great. I am thinking to raise the potency to 30-C to see if its still effective or not.
But, I have not raised the potency as long as 6x is doing good. I am thinking to raise potency when patient will stop metformin completely.
I have not tried Mag Phos 6x on Type 1. Above case is for Type 2

Re:Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: kamar
October 28 2011
lal anar
thx for updating the progress .would you tell us whether the patient is still taking arnica 6c in wet dose or not.
After discontinue of Arnica 6c.Mag Phos is working

Re:Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: kamar
October 29 2011
lal anar
i experimented with type 1 at noon his bood sugar was 299 mg/dl after two hour BS 219 mg/dl it was same after three hour then the person took tea after one hour BS was 278 mg/dl but at two hour later 215mg/dl again
next day his FBS was 180. he is taking allopathic also his BS fluctuates randomly.
any suggestion

Re:Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: lal_anar
October 29 2011
person is taking Arnica 6-c daily and Mag Phos 6x daily.

Lets try ur patient Mag Phos 6x 10 - 15 pellets in morning empty stomach in hot water. Check BS before Mag Phos and after Mag Phos.
Its good to do this experiment.

Lets see the result. I also wants to know.

Re:Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: lal_anar
October 29 2011

patient BS two days ago was 84 mg/dl ( Oct 25, 2011 )
two days later patient BS was 94 mg/dl
he is taking metformin half before he was taking metformin full tab and his BS levels were 120 - 150 mg/dl. during the day
Since Mag Phos his BS level has come below 100 mg/dl.

Note: He did not try Arnica with metformin. He started Arnica after he saw good results from Mag Phos.

Re: Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
October 31 2011
You may perhaps not be aware that I was the first to identify Arnica 6c in the Wet dose helping to reduce the Blood Sugar levels in both Type I and Type II Diabetics. I was fortunate that I was informed of this phenomenon in 2005 and since that time, I have helped many hundreds, perhaps thousands of Diabetics many of whom do not use any drugs whatever.

I was very interested in the use of Mag Phos 6x referred to on this thread and shall visit it often to observe how the combination of both Arnica 6c and Mag Phos 6x tablets helps Diabetics.

Udaya has explained in detail on how Mag Phos will help a Diabetic and I do hope that we will jointly be able to prescribe a viable alternative to Metformin which is known to cause irreparable damage the Kidneys when used in the long term.

Re:Mag Phos 6x doing wonders in control of Diabetes By: kailixixie@hotmail.com
May 27 2012
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