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CHICORY [Bach Flower Remedy]
Started by: Jayashree at October 6 2006

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CHICORY [Bach Flower Remedy] By: Jayashree
Calcutta, India
October 6 2006

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This remedy belongs to the group OVERCARE FOR OTHERS' WELFARE along with ROCK WATER, VERVAIN, VINE and shows imbalance in caring for and controlling others.
There is an unspoken need to be loved like SCLERANTHUS but can pout and look hurt. ANOREXIA, BULEMIA, OVEREATING can be used unconsciously to draw attention to oneself. You can also see BRONCHIAL ASTHMA with difficulty expiring, chronic CONSTIPATION, RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, OVERLY CONTROLLING, SERVICE ORIENTED, HYPOCHONDRIACAL, and CHRONIC PAIN DISORDERS in this particular state. The care given by these individuals is often forceful, or too much oriented in what they need or in not being appreciated. They have fairly rigid ideas in how to work with others and feel they have the right to force their opinions on others, and are possessive of goods. Such individuals can feign illness for attention like HEATHER AND CHESTNUT BUD. The eating disorders are like CRAB APPLE and MUSTARD. These individuals may also reject attention and further alienate others. They can be argumentative, possessive and selfish. Also narcissistic and lacking selfless love and the ability to nurture. HYSTERIA These children and adults can sap all your energy. Yet they are charming to strangers. They cannot give love in this needy state.

Jayashree Kanoi

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