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Women over 40--weight gain, bloating, exhaustion, memory loss, bone density loss, hot flashes
Started by: Pat2011 at June 20 2011

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Women over 40--weight gain, bloating, exhaustion, memory los By: Pat2011
June 20 2011
I've had the weight gain problem and bloating around the waist area. I've noticed that antioxidants help with these issues including green tea, acai, etc.

Dr Oz Six Health Plagues In Women Over Forty
Dr Oz’s Ultimate Countdown Today: Dr Oz 6 Plagues In Women Over 40, Dr Oz covers the ailments that most commonly affect women after the age of 40: 5 diet fads you should never try; 4 beauty secrets from around the world; 3 mega mood boosters; 2 alternative health treatments; the #1 spice Nutmeg.
1. Weight gain
2. Exhaustion
3. Bloating
4. Memory loss
5. Bone density loss
6. Night sweats
Dr Oz Arginine Burn Of The Calories
Health Plague #6 Midlife Weight Gain – It’s hormonal in the sense of how hormones affect your metabolism. Dr Oz says every ten years you age, you actually decrease your metabolism by 5%. The average female going through menopause will gain 12 to 15 pounds.
To avoid this midlife weight gain, Oz says take amino acid L-Arginine – L-Arginine is a metabolism booster, it’s the mother of tons of chemicals made in your body, about a half a dozen of these are critically important for helping you to maintain muscle mass, very helpful in helping you burn of the calories naturally, Arginine is an amino acid.
You can find Arginine in nuts and watermelon – Dr Oz says you can take the
” L-Arginine Powder.” , 2 grams 3 times a day.
Dr Oz Exhaustion Iron Deficiency And Anemia
#5 Health Plague For Women Over 40 Exhaustion: Exhaustion iron deficiency-anemia. You get fatigue, menstruation which is occurring before menopause, it becomes irregular. You need all that iron in your body, women over the age of fifty need 8 mg iron a day, women under the age of fifty need 18 mg iron a day.
Natural sources of iron are red meats, shrimp, orange juice 6 oz orange juice increase iron absorption and a little bit of vodka.
Health Plague #4 Women Over 40 Bloating – One of the major causes of bloating in women over forty is fluid retention. Dr Oz’s solution for bloating and fluid retention is 200 mg magnesium a day has been shown to reduce the symptoms of fluid retention. Oz went on to say you should be taking calcium and magnesium anyways.
Dr Oz Folic Acid For Memory Loss
Health Plague #3 Women Over 40 Memory Loss – Homocysteine in the blood, Homocysteine is linked to memory loss and maybe even Alzheimer’s. Folic acid destroys the homocysteine molecules, folic acid brings down the homocysteine levels in your blood. If the homocysteine levels drop down, their no longer there to create inflammatory daggers in the walls of your arteries, you don’t get the memory loss quite as often which is why we recommend people over the age of forty eat foods with folate in them says Oz.
Spinach, chick peas and papaya are examples of folate rich foods, Dr Oz recommends at least two servings of folate rich foods a day. Make Folic Acid a part of your diet.
Dr Oz Calcium Cocktail Daily
Health Plague#2 Women Over 40 Bone Density – Bone density loss starts over the age of forty, it’s not because you turned the wrong way or took a step the wrong way that we get a fracture it is because the bones are so brittle it would have fractured anyways. Dr Oz recommends a daily calcium cocktail with magnesium as magnesium prevents and reverses the negative effects of calcium so you want to take them both together.
Dr Oz Calcium Cocktail
600 Mg Calcium
400 Mg Magnesium
1,000 IU Vitamin D
Dr Oz Sage Extract For Night Sweats
The #1 Plague For Women Over 40 Night Sweats – Donna joined Dr Oz here and she suffers from severe night sweats, so bad she gets up in the middle of the night to get a shower. Sweating is the body’s built in natural heat elimination system, it’s supposed to be there. The problem with night sweats is that your system kicks in to overdrive.
Sage Extract is used as a daily supplement, you put a few drops of the sage a little bit of water, and do this daily for 3 months to regulate the body’s cooling temperature system and is effective for dealing with night sweats.


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